Top 20 Trending Maternity Clothes For Would-Be Moms

Maternity clothing is supposed to be loose, super comfortable and easy to wear. Back in the days, we had only loose maxi type dresses to wear. But today, we have tons of different styles and designs of clothes to wear during pregnancy.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you will have to give up on style. You can try out these trending maternity wear to look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time. If you are looking for maternity wear suggestion then you are in the right place. Check out these top trendy maternity clothes that you can wear.

Top Trending Maternity Clothing

Here is the complete list of maternity wear that you can wear during your pregnancy period.

1. Maternity wear trousers

For bottom wear, you can try maternity trousers. These trousers come fitted with an elastic band to make you feel comfortable. They also have built-in panels for your growing belly. You can wear them both at home and outdoors.

2. Maternity Jeans

Who said you cannot wear jeans during pregnancy? These maternity jeans are specially made for pregnant ladies. The fabric used is mostly elastic and has a comfortable design. Maternity jeans are low-rise jeans which means it doesn’t put much pressure on your growing baby bump.

3. Cotton leggings and tights

If you are not comfortable wearing jeans or trousers then cotton leggings/tights could be the best option for you. These are not only comfortable to wear but very much stretchable. They can easily adjust as your belly starts to grow. You can wear them with any top or tunic you want. Whether you are relaxing at home or taking a walk outside, you can opt for these leggings any day.

4. Maternity jumpsuits

Nowadays, you also get maternity jumpsuits. Many of the moms prefer wearing these jumpsuits as they are both trendy and comfortable at the same time. If you are a young mom then you may find this type of clothing appealing for yourself. Jumpsuits are also good for winter months as they cover your whole body.

5. Skirts

Skirts are the ideal wear during pregnancy. Anyone who would like to keep their legs feel free can wear skirts. Maternity skirts are usually long and flowy. However, you can even get shorter ones. These are mainly made for bold moms. Make sure you choose the right length. It shouldn’t interfere with your legs or you may slip and fall. You can team up your maternity skirt with a nice top.

6. Pajamas

What can be more comfortable than drawstrings pajamas? This is the favourite nightwear for most ladies. But as your delivery date draws closer, this could be your go-to wear for the whole day long. Pajamas are extremely comfortable and are also easy to wear. They are mostly made of cotton which makes it more airy and cosy. You can get all varieties of printed pajamas. From printed ones to solid coloured pajamas. The drawstring around the waist allows you to adjust the size easily.

Would-Be Moms Pajamas

7. Maternity tops

If you are going to wear trousers and jeans during your would-be motherhood phase then you need to have some nice and comfortable tops. There are various styles of tops that you can get. You should choose the ones that are buttoned so that it’s easier for you to wear them. Also, choose a length that reaches till your hips.

8. Tunic tops

These tops are worn until your last stage of pregnancy. They are highly comfortable and that’s why preferred by most women. The elegance and modesty of these tops are what appeals to the pregnant ladies.

9. Maternity dresses

Maternity dresses are the most popular choice of clothing for pregnant women. These dresses are usually long and flowy. It accentuates your baby bump beautifully. You can even wear it for your baby shower. You can get different styles of maternity dresses. To enhance your look you can team it up with a long shrug. These dresses have a fitted bodice and flared out under the bust line. So you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing a maternity dress.

10. Tent dresses

You can also wear tent dresses. These are narrow at the neckline and get wider around the hemline. They hang loosely from your shoulders and reach till your hips. Since these dresses are specially designed for pregnant ladies, they do not come with a belt. If you have a party to attend or go somewhere out in the evening, you can flaunt your baby bump in this beautiful dress.

11. Wrap dresses

The next type of maternity dress you can wear is a wrap dress. These dresses are more on the sexier side. If you want to look stylish during your pregnancy then this could be the perfect choice for you. A wrap dress is good for ladies who want to camouflage their baby bumps. The specialty of these dresses is that you can expand them to tie them around according to your size.

12. Nursing bras

These types of bras are needed once you have your baby. It makes it easier for you to feed your baby. They are specially designed for new moms. These bras are fitted with hooks or a zipper at the cups. This means you don’t have to open your entire bra to feed your baby. Just unhook it to start feeding.

13. Maternity bras

We also have maternity bras that are worn by almost every pregnant woman. During pregnancy, it’s uncomfortable to wear your regular bras. This is where you need maternity bras to support your tender breasts. These bras are roomy enough for your growing breasts. They are designed to give good support to your breasts. Also, they have wide shoulder straps so that it doesn’t cut deep into your skin.

Would-Be Moms dresses

14. Maternity footwear

Along with your clothing, you also need to choose the right footwear during your pregnancy. You obviously cannot wear 6-inch heels during this time. You need to wear flat shoes so that you don’t trip and fall. You should even select your bathroom slippers carefully. Anything that increases the chances of slipping is a big no.

15. Maternity jackets

Maternity jackets are meant for winter moms. These are like your regular jackets. The only difference is that they are a bit longer and bigger in size. So if you want to button it up, your baby bump won’t come in the way. By wearing these jackets you can keep yourself warm and cozy during the winters. Maternity jackets are perfect for the ladies who live in a colder region. You can wear them outside and look stylish. Also, it is very comfortable to wear.

16. Woolen tops

You also get maternity woolen tops to wear during winters. These are loose, comfortable tops that are similar to sweaters. The only thing is that they come with various prints and designs on it. Some of them are available in solid colours as well. If you are wearing a woolen top then you don’t need to wear a jacket or a sweater unless it’s too cold.

17. Shawls

You can use a shawl if you are not comfortable wearing a woollen top or find it to be tight. Shawls are good for winter time and will keep your warm. This is a perfect choice for the ladies who don’t want to show off their baby bumps. It’s easy to cover your bump with a shawl. A shawl can cover your entire body. you can use it both at home and outdoors. Using a shawl you can also accessorize your clothing.

18. Scarves

Scarves are also meant to keep your warm during the winter. This is not exactly clothing. It’s more of headwear as it covers only your head and ears. If you live in a chilly region and have to go outside in the evening then you can make good use of these scarves. You can get these scarves in beautiful designs. These are not only used by pregnant ladies but by other people too.

19. Woolen tights and leggings

Just like woolen tops, you also get woolen leggings or tights. This type of bottom wear is quite comfortable to wear and can keep your legs warm easily. They are equipped with an elastic band around the waist. It will adjust itself as your belly grows. They are designed not to put much pressure on your belly.

20. Maxi dresses

You can also wear long maxi dresses. These dresses are not exactly meant for pregnant ladies but you can still give it a try. That’s because they are mostly made of cotton and are extremely comfortable to wear. They are loose so you shouldn’t have any problems wearing them.

So these are the different types of maternity clothing you can wear during your special phase. You should buy clothes bigger in size and the ones made of cotton. This will make you feel comfortable at all times. You can choose from any of these clothing and flaunt your baby bump with pride.

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