Top 20 Budget Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2020 (USA/UK/Canada/Australia)

Top Budget Fashion Blogs

Fashion keeps evolving every day, and so the cost of staying fashionable. As such, if you are a fashionista, one challenge you may find yourself battling with is the high cost of most fashion items. For instance, to get a designer shirt, most vendors will expect that you pay hundreds of dollars. But staying fashionable does not have to drain your bank account; you can look good for less! Some blogs owned by fashionistas in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia have clothing, jewelry, and other fashion items that are of top quality that you can buy without breaking the bank. Check out our list of 20 of such blogs and follow them to start getting the best deals on every purchase.

Name of the blog Web address Country
J’s everyday fashion USA
The budget babe USA
Ali Fodotowsky USA
Budget fashionista USA
GoodsRush USA
Penny pincher fashion USA
Affordably fashionable United Kingdom
Life in Rydale United Kingdom
The frugality United Kingdom
Nontoli United Kingdom
Inspiring wit Australia
She does Australia
Kate Waterhouse Australia
Chloe Ting Australia
Frugal fashion shopper Australia
Fashion magazine Canada
Coveteur Canada
Stephanie Sterjovski Canada
Not your standard Canada
Krizzia scollon Canada

1. J’s Everyday Fashion

This blog is a US blog, and it does provide outfit ideas, tips on what to wear at a particular season, and, most fundamentally, how to shop on a budget. It encourages personal style inspiration. The website gives women the joy of being fashionable without having to overstretch their budget. J believes that styles and creativity can be learned and basically, you don’t need tons of money to be stylish

Blog Address:

The Budget Babe

2. The Budget Babe

Looking to stay hot and chic but low on the budget angle? The budget babe is the blog for you. It provides you with the celebrity look that everyone likes for less. Therefore, if you are trying to look so much like your favorite celebrity and dress the way he or she looks, check out The Budget Babe. The blog also supports outfit inspiration and prides itself as the “Fab Without a Fortune.”

Blog Address:

3. Ali Fedotowsky

Are moms supposed to be fashionable? Can they look hot and chic? Ali Fedotowsky answers these questions with a resounding yes through her blog. A television personality, fashion blogger, and former bachelorette, she highlights here through the use of her blog her love for budget-friendly fashion. It offers more than just fashion tips; it provides a haven for mothers to meet and share. Way to go Ali!

Blog Address:

4. Budget Fashionista

Budget Fashionista empowers women who love and have a passion for fashion to look their very best without spending a ton. Sounds impossible, right? Then why don’t you give the blog a test drive since, at the very least, it would not cost you!

Blog Address:

5. Goodsrush

Are you looking for that website to tell you where you can get those designer heels for less? Try GoodsRush. It provides you with affordable, low-cost fashion items to look the best that you deserve. The fun part is that you can have the deals that you want directly in your inbox from the blog.

Blog Address:

6. Coveteur

Looking for affordable fashion styles yet very chic? Check out the coveteur. It projects style and elegance at very affordable prices.

Blog Address:

Coveteur Blog

7. Not your Standard

Kayla Sear provides a flare approach to fashion that cannot but draw in her audience and make the styles look achievable. Not your standard supports personal style and encourages inspirational outfits. She also combines classic and modern trends.

Blog Address:

8. Krizzia Scollon

Krizzia Scollon offers a fashion style that rests on advocating body positivity and building confidence in women. To her, let your style shout out your boldness. Tell the world that you are who you are, and you accept yourself for who you are through your fashion outfit. If you are hoping to establish your signature outfits, Kizzia scollon is here for you.

Blog Address:

9. Stephanie Sterjovski

Stephanie’s blog covers a wide range of topics from beauty, travel, and daily life. Her stand out feature? She offers a mix of both classic and modern trends. You are that fashion freak that loves even traditional wears, check out this blog

Blog Address:

10. Fashion Magazine

Maybe not as cheap as Goodsrush but looking for classy and trendy fashion outfits? You can check out the fashion magazine which is poised to bring international fashion home.

Blog Address:

11. Chloe Ting

If you are seeking classy yet straightforward, trendy wears and are affordable to top it off? Check out Chloe Ting’s blog. She also keeps us up to date with sales discounts as they come. She makes an erstwhile simple dress into something of elegance. Check this fantastic blog out.

Blog Address:

Chloe Ting Blog

12. Frugal Fashion Shopper

Penny is 71 years of age and has built up a great wardrobe, she says, by buying from charity shops. Trying to look good and do not have or want to spend much money, then you can check out the frugal fashion shopper for inspiration on what to do.

Blog Address:

13. Inspiring Wit

A fashion and travel blog that gives you inspiration on how to dress and what to wear. Jenella Wiity helps you to find yourself through clothing & jewelry and makes them affordable to get.

Blog Address:

14. She does

This blog offers both fashion and lifestyle tips and focuses on providing valuable content on these topics that help to inspire the readers. Emily Suresh, like Chloe, also offers trendy yet straightforward, wears, and provides an affordable outlet to get them.

Blog Address:

15. Kate Waterhouse Fashion and beauty

If you’d like reports on the latest fashion and trendy wear at an affordable price range, Kate is a specialist at such. Peruse her budget blog to discover up-to-date stories and gossips about the latest in the world of fashion.

Blog Address:

16. The Frugality

Want to streamline your finances and budget with your fashion needs? Try “The Frugality.” It offers sensible spending when it comes to looking good and still keeps you looking great.

Blog Address:

The Frugality Blog

17. Affordably Fashionable

Rachel Oates is a believer in not having to spend a fortune to look and feel great. She offers fashion and beauty tips to everyone with affordability as her driving force. Therefore, if you need a low budget but elegantly looking fashion item, one blog to follow is Affordably Fashionable.

Blog Address:

18. Life in Rydale

Check out this fantastic blog for outfits to wear for different occasions and seasons. Visiting the theatre, going clay pigeon shooting, and you are off about what to wear, check out Rydale for the way to go. These wears are cheap and affordable since its mainly coming from your wardrobe. You can also check out fashion accessories like hats and give yourself the cowboy look.

Blog Address:

19. Nontoli

A wife and a mother of two, Nonto Li is a fashion designer, a blogger, and an author. She is known for her love for black, and with this blog, she aims to offer tips and ideas on how to stay fashion-forward and classic without breaking your bank balance. She has a degree in fashion designing and owns two fashion brands.

Blog Address:

20. Penny Pincher Fashion

This blog is synonymous with style on a budget. Known for creativity and the ability to manage her money when dealing with matters of the closet. Her passion is for you to find the best fashion item or accessory for less money and remain trendy.

Blog Address:


Not everyone is a Bill Gates or a Kim Kardashian; however, everyone can make do with what they have. The blogs in this article provide clothing for different seasons, that is, winter, autumn, summer, or spring. Most of them also offer tips on how to put fashion items together and look cute. Bear in mind that their low budget tag does not mean that they lead their followers to purchase inferior items; No, many of them wear the things they promote, and it looks good on them, too. Get through their blogs and hit the “follow” button to start learning new tricks to stay hot in 2020.

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