Top 50 Baby Boy Names and their Meanings for 2020 (Unique List)

Names are not just a means of identifying a person or thing; they go a long way in telling the character that an individual will go on to exhibit in life. That is why many people give enough thought into what name they give to their children.

Have you given birth to a baby boy or expecting one? The list of names here will be of great use. They are rooted in meaning and unique, as well. Check out our list of 50 baby boy names and select the one that aptly suits your situation. The list begins.

  1. Asher

As one of Jacob’s children, Asher is a Hebrew name that means “Blessed” or “Happy.” If you consider the birth of your boy as a thing of extreme joy and a source of blessing, Asher is an appropriate name to give your boy.

  1. Anton

Anton originated from Latin, and the meaning is “the priceless one.” It is the short form of Antony and an appropriate name for that boy that you consider invaluable or priceless.

  1. Albert

The Germans are the first to use this name, and it means “bright” or “noble.” It’s suitable for that boy you hope will be an Einstein one day.

  1. Alvin

Alvin is a modernized English name that stands for “wise friend.”

  1. Atticus

Atticus means “Man of Attica.” It’s a popular character in fiction, especially in the book, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Literature fans will appreciate this name more.

  1. Bernard

Affirm the strength of your baby boy with this German-originated word, which means “hardy and brave.” It is a smart name for a boy you envision to be healthy and confident.

  1. Barney

Barney stands for “Son of Comfort.” It became popular through the roles of famous TV figures such as Barney and Barney Stinson. It’s a deep name for a boy whose conception and birth brings comfort to you and your family.

  1. Bertram 

Bertram is a popular name that means “bright raven.”

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  1. Baxter

The “X” in the middle of this name makes it sound beautiful. It’s an apt surname that means “baker.”

  1. Campbell

Here’s a unisex name that means “Crooked mouth.” However, although Campbell may be a unisex name, it sounds more masculine than feminine.

  1. Carlton 

Males are described as handsome while the female folks are said to be beautiful. Carlton is a lovely boy name that means “Free men’s town.” The advantage of this name is that you can shorten it to Carl, which is just cool.

  1. Chris

Chris is Christopher’s diminutive, which continues to hold a frontal position on the list of names for a baby boy. The meaning of Chris is “Bearer of Christ.”

  1. Conrad

Some medieval kings of Germany are renowned with this name. It means “Brave” and “Counsel.” From Germany, this name found its way to England in ancient times and is still very relevant today.

  1. Caspian

If you’re searching for a geographical name that is romantic, consider Caspian. Asia and Europe have a sea separating them; Caspian is the name of that sea.

  1. Clyde

This name had its origin from Scotland, and it is the name of the river that flows through Glasgow in that country. If you want something unique for your boy, Clyde is.

  1. Cyril

Although it has undergone some modernization, this name, which had its origin in the Greek word “Kyrillos,” means “Lord.” That’s a title used to show respected today.

  1. Bruno

The name Bruno means “protection” or “armor.” It had its origin from the German word “Brun.” Settle for this name if you feel he is growing to become confident, resilient, and secure.

  1. Dominic 

Dominic is a Christian name, which means “of the Lord.” The name is appropriate for a child that came to the world on the Lord’s Day.

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  1. Dawson

A few decades back, girls loved to call this name often due to its connection to the Leonardo DiCaprio – the protagonist in Titanic. The meaning of Dawson is “Son of David.”

  1. Dewey

Dewey is another Welsh refers to David, and it means “beloved.”

  1. Duke

The name “Duke” nobleman.” It is ideal for a baby boy born into a royal family, or a boy destined to accomplish a noble feat in the future.

  1. Emmanuel

Here’s another famous name, which means “God with us.” It had its origin in the Hebrew and Latin languages. Emmanuel is one of Jesus’ names as recorded in the Bible.

  1. Evan

If you consider the conception and delivery of your baby boy as a product of grace, Evan is one name you can choose. It means “God is gracious.”

  1. Ernest

Someone who is called Ernest is resolute. The American writer, Ernest Hemingway, and Ernest of “Importance of Being Earnest” both helped to popularize this name.

  1. Finley

The meaning of Finley is “White warrior.” It is a common name among the Scottish royal family. It is suitable for your boy if you believe he has royalty flow in him.

  1. Ford

Popularized by the sleek vehicle brand, Ford is a beautiful name that means “close to a ford.” The name is unique for its simplicity and masculine sound.

  1. Felix

Originating from Latin, Felix is a male name that means “Lucky” or “happy.” If you consider yourself to have that boy, Felix is one name you can call him.

  1. Gray

If he’s fair and gray-haired, this is one name that defines him. It means “the one who has gray hair.” It is a name that only a handsome boy should answer.

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  1. Gavin

For that elegant, strong, and masculine baby boy, Gavin is one English name that is suitable for him. It means “battle” or “hawk.”

  1. Henry

Royal families are fond of this name, especially in the 90s. Henry stands for “health near a cliff.”

  1. Harmon

If you love music or wish your baby son does, this harmony name can make the right choice. The meaning of Harmon is “warrior” or “soldier.”

  1. Hugh

The Germans were the first to use this name before the UK and France popularize it. The meaning of Hugh is “mind.”

  1. Jan

You will love the easiness of this name, and your boy will grow up to love it, too. It means “God is gracious.” It is the Germans’way of calling John.

  1. Jesse

Jesse is the name of the biblical father of King David. It means “God exists.”

  1. Laurent

Europeans love the sound of this name, and the meaning is “from Laurentum.”

  1. Leonardo

Leonardo is the Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian variation of the German Leornard, which means “Brave Lion.” It is a masculine name that fits a baby boy you consider brave – or wants to be brave.

  1. Leo

Famous, ferocious, and beautiful. This abridged version of Leonardo stands for “Lion,” and it is a name you should consider for a baby boy you believe brave or confident.

  1. Lloyd

Initially, a Welsh name, Lloyd, is a nickname for someone who has gray hair. These are usually handsome, too.

  1. Jove

Jove is another way of calling Jude. It’s a coded name for Jupiter, and it means “King of all the gods.”

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  1. Martin

This name had its origin on Mars – a Roman god. The meaning of Martin is “war-like.” Martin will make the right name for a child you think can become a soldier or strong man in the future.

  1. Mike

Mike is one of the cutest names to give a baby boy. It is the shortened form of the Hebrew name “Michael.” The meaning of Mike is “He who is like God.”

  1. Milo

What an adorable, winsome, and proper name for a baby boy! Milo means “Merciful soldier.” Soldiers are ordinarily brutal, but a merciful one is quite amazing.

  1. Morris

Is his skin tanned? Name him Morris. It means “dark-skinned.”

  1. Nicholas

Babies are usually innocent, just as the ancient Saint Nicholas was. This saint was especially fond of little children. Nicholas stands for “Victory of the people.”

  1. Orion

Although ancient, this name still trends to date. The meaning is “rising in the sky.” It is a name to wish your baby well.

  1. Payton

Americans are familiar with Payton and its connection to the Regal ring. The meaning of Payton is “Royal.”

  1. Pharrell

Do you wish your baby boy turns a hero one day? Pharrell is the name to consider. It means “heroic.”

  1. Ralph

It’s been a while that this name has been around. The meaning of Ralph is “Wolf counsel.”

  1. Rhett

Rhett sounds pleasant to the ear, and it is unique. The meaning of Rhett is “fiery.”

  1. Sage

It doesn’t matter how you choose to define it; sage is a name for someone or something that is outstandingly different. The meaning of sage is “Intelligent.”


These names are in alphabetical order to help you scan through. In most cases, the situation surrounding the birth of your baby boy contributes to the choice of a name you would give him. Whatever the situation surrounding the delivery is, you will find at least two baby boy names in this list that describe your situation. Good luck with your choice!

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