Top 10 Famous Tik Tok Stars in the World 2020

TikTok is a Chinese video-sharing app that was previously known as Douyin. It was merged, later on, with another popular app TikTok has since gained immense popularity across the globe, with millions of users using the app and uploading videos on it regularly. With its rise, the top TikTok users have also reached new heights, and some have even become celebrities.

TikTok is a medium to reach out to a broader audience within a few seconds of posting a video, and it becomes much more encouraging when you participate in the latest trends gaining more followers on the road to becoming a TikTok star. The app allows you to create, upload, and share a video up to 15 seconds long using various editing tools and effects and do all crazy stuff, be it lip-syncing to a music track, enjoying fun acts, or just dancing to the music of your choice playing in the background. Many of the creators of other platforms like YouTube have opted for TikTok and now are Top TikTok Users.

There are a variety of trends within TikTok, including memes, lip-synced songs, and comedy videos. Duets, a feature that allows users to add their video to an existing video with the original content’s audio, have sparked most of these trends.

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Trends are shown on TikTok’s explore page or the page with the search logo. The page enlists the trending hashtags and challenges among the app. Some include #filterswitch, #wannalisten, #pillowchallenge, #makeeverysecondcount, #furrywar, #hitormiss, #posechallenge, #bottlecapchallenge and more.

Rank Username @ Followers Country
1 charlidamelio 44.1 USA
2 lorengray 41.8 USA
3 zachking 38.7 USA
4 riyaz.14 33.6 IND
5 babyariel 31.6 USA
6 addisonre 29.6 USA
7 spencerx 26.7 USA
8 mr_faisu_07 26.4 IND
9 gilmhercroes 25.3 ABW
10 kristenhancher 23.5 CA

1. Charlie D’Amelio

Charlie D’Amelio is known as the “reigning queen of TikTok” with the highest number of followers. Currently, she has 44.1 M followers, and she mesmerizes people with her beautiful dance moves and lip-syncs acting skills. In just a few months, D’Amelio became the most followed account on the social media platform TikTok. She is an American dancer and social media personality. She was invited to attend Super Bowl LIV, where she met Jennifer Lopez to create the viral TikTok challenge “J Lo Super Bowl Challenge.” She is also known as the “Dancing Doll” of TikTok because of her fluid dance moves.

2. Loren Gray

The 17 years old singer, Loren Gray, is a sensation of Tiktok. She has 41.8M followers. She was not that well-known a while ago, but the TikTok community loved her lip dub videos on, and she became famous overnight, evolving into the trendiest stars on TikTok. She posts regular videos to keep her fans hooked and entertained. Her split-second performance in the Taylor Swifts video “the Man” astonished her followers.

3. Zack king

With 38.7 million followers on TikTok, Zachary King is an American TikTok and Vine star, filmmaker, and social media personality from Los Angeles. He is known for his “magic vines,” aka “digital sleight of hand,” which are short edited videos to look like magic. What makes Zach so likable, besides looking like a younger Zach Effron, is his charming personality and his attractive smile. He is very good at his magic tricks, and he has never failed to amuse his fans.

4. Baby Arial

Ariel Rebecca Martin is an American actress and singer. She is a relatively older celebrity – not by age – since she used to make videos on, where she had a substantial fan following. After TikTok merged with, she continued spreading her love and made a bigger fan following than she had before. In the celebrity world, she is known by her nickname Baby Arial. In 2017, Baby Ariel was recognized as one of the most influential people on the internet by Times magazine. Forbes also included her in 2017 top entertainment influences. She is vocally against bullying and the psychological effects that it has on people who get bullied. She launched an anti-bullying campaign called # Ariel movement to spread awareness about this issue.

5. Riaz Aly

Riaz Aly is a TikTok influencer, blogger, and a small-time actor in the Indian film industry, Bollywood. He is the only Indian national to be on the world’s top five list of TickTok stars. He shot to fame because of his fantastic comic, lip-sync videos on the TikTok app. He got the title of “crowd Tiktok muser.” He often collaborates with his fans and other stars by using the hashtag #DuetWithRiyaz. Followers love his chocolate looks and amusing talents. He follows the motto, “create the world you are obsessed with.”

6. Addison Rae

Addison Rae Easterling is a beautiful American TickTock star. Though she initially blew up on the platform for her dancing videos with mom Sheri and involvement with Hype House, Addison is a budding star in her own right. She dreams of becoming an actress, and because of her fame on TikTok, she has already gotten offers from shows. Addison signed with WME in January to build her brand with projects such as modeling, dance, TV, licensing, and endorsements. WME also reps her parents.

7. Spencer Polanco knight

Spencer X is an American Beatboxer, TikTok star, and a Youtuber. He owns his Youtube channel as well, which is linked with the TikTok app. He was in the top 16 at the American Beatbox Championships. His account is a mix of music and comedy, and he’s known for his beatboxing skills. His account is one of the oldest on TikTok. His energetic videos have never failed to entertain his audience, and he always captures their attention.

8. Faisal Shaikh

Faisal is an Indian model, fashion blogger, and TikToker with 26.4 million followers. He features lip-sync videos on his account. The impeccable type, and charismatic character, together with a drool-worthy physique with six-pack abs, makes Faisu one of the most voguish stars on TikTok. His fan following is dominated by girls who stalk him day and night. Lately, a picture of Faisu in his shirtless avatar went viral, and the internet lost it with the image being shared repeatedly. The TikTok star recently collaborated with Jannat Zubair Rahmani, also an Indian, for a brand new video tune titled Aeroplane.

9. Gilmer Croes

After school, Gilmer perused his career in modeling. He had been posting sketch comedy videos on Facebook long before TikTok went viral, but could not get a positive response on that platform. Then he moved his focus to TikTok and gained popularity by creating funny video clips. His Jim Carrey-like phrases and humorous body language initially won him thousands of fan followers and gradually became millions. Two years later, by working with his younger brother Jayden Croes, he found another YouTube channel called ‘CroesBros,’ and his popularity has since skyrocketed.

10. Kristen Hancher

She is a famous Canadian TikTok star with her beautiful skinny body, and different hairstyles and colors give her a unique outlook. She is a social media influencer, dancer, artist, art lovers, and fitness enthusiast. She is mainly popular among teens, but she is also making her name among old TikTok users and other celebrities.

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