Best 20 Scary/Sexy Halloween Costumes in 2021

It is not necessary to look at all sweetie sweet princesses every day, we must know how to make ourselves look according to the theme of the occasion. But why should we spend a huge amount for a costume that we will need only for one day, and that too we can’t repeat every year? So, today I am up with the best 20 scary/sexy Halloween costumes 2019, for which you won’t have to go spend a lot of money on shopping. We’ll just pick certain basic things that might be hanging in your closet. So ladies, trust me I have everything that you will need to rock at this Halloween:

  1. Halloween face paints

Even if you wear a simple and sober dress, a little of creative paintwork can help make you look as scary as walking wounded dead body (if you use red paint in such ways, of course) or you may use the paintwork for darkening the eyes or making a web on your cheek, or making brick cracks on your face, or you may also create an illusion drawing on your neck or on your back (if you’re about to wear anything backless, it would totally nail your Halloween party.

  1. Queen of hearts Halloween costumes      

This is the most easy-peasy Halloween dress one could think of and the good part if you choose this costume is that you don’t have to put in as many efforts as any other Halloween costume would require. For this awesome one, you would only need a red dress (maybe with a little black and white work)

Now, to get the proper look, take a large piece of paper and wrap it around your neck so it can be trimmed down to the right size. Then, staple cards from a deck in a fanned-out effect. Also, put some red lipstick for instance.

  1. Zombie dress DIY

Dressing up as a zombie is really a good idea for Halloween when you’ve got to save money, and moreover running short on time. Pick any dress (white will be good but not necessary, zombies don’t always wear white) then, pour some ketchup on your dress. Make your hair messy, and there you go, a gorgeous zombie will be ready for Halloween party!

  1. Readymade character costumes

Readymade character costumes

At the last minute, for your Halloween party, due to whatever reason you haven’t prepared your costume for the evening then readymade costumes on rent are your saviors, they are easy to put on and less time-consuming. Just that you’ll have to pay but it is not that expensive. You may choose to be animals or any of the cartoon characters that you like. It’s so simple, just go to the shop, and ask for the right size and the character or animal, of course. See! You’re ready for the party. And yes, you can always use makeup or face paints to make you look scary.

  1. Frankenstein style

Even men can slay the Halloween nights not necessarily only women, the Frankenstein looks good on anyone. Males can put on any of their old suits, and shape up their hair with regular gels and oils, maybe, and then add some white color to face to make it look more ghostly and scary. Even if you do not put paint on your face it will be fine because the look of the character will be provided to you by the suit and hair itself.

  1. The Dracula look

Now, this look is not only specified for males but also females can rock as a Dracula. Just a white shirt, tie (maybe, maybe not as you wish), black pants, and a blazer with its collar up And in female Dracula’s case she can apply a little faded mascara as well, and as for both of them (male and female Dracula) face vampire teeth set will be great in completing the look. See? Our vampire of the evening is ready.

  1. Harley Quinn

Being Harley Quinn at your Halloween is also not a bad idea it’s a sexy idea and also an easy-peasy one. All you need is two different colors of hair ties, any printed T-shirt (prefer red and white), shorts (any color), also keep a baseball bat handy. Do not forget to apply faded eye makeup and a face sticker. I’m sure everyone at Halloween would be impressed (especially Joker, lol).

Halloween Harley Quinn

  1. Annabelle look

Look cute every day, but on Halloweens be a doll. Annabelle, this character may use all your cuteness or might also add up little. As for this look, you will have to make two braids with red ribbons. Add a little blush and highlighter to your cheeks and mascaras or eyeliner to the end of your eyes. Try to put up a frock with the apron, and get red bellies.

  1. The devil at the party

Not necessary that you should keep vampire teeth ready for your Halloween party. Just put on a tuxedo and either paint your face in shades of red or put a face plastic sticker (but that will be a little too painful when pulling it off). I’m hella sure everyone there will love it.

  1. Deer-human look

Choosing animals as your costume ideal is not at all a bad idea, especially deer, they are also easy to disguise in but not always a costume you would want putting on for that. This time, try some face painting, paint your nose, eyes and even forehead to get the proper look. We all admit that wearing a readymade costume will hide your curves so, just pick clothes of the same as the animal’s skin which is your costume ideal. Also, do not forget to do your hair in a manner auditing your attire.

  1. Weirdo

This weird look is also one in a kind, simple and cheap. Just that you have to make a black outline on your eye bones and make a simple or French braid anyone that you like, but any of your casual t-shirt. For this look the most important part is the lip makeup, color your lower lip as white then draw thin black column lines and then stretch the color that you want to put on the upper lip in accordance. It must look wicked!

  1. Japanese demon

Halloween Japanese demon

Being cute and sexy is good but Halloween is all about being scary. Japanese demons are the very right options if true horror is what you’re looking for. To get this look, you’ll have to dress up as weird as possible. Wear boxers, and not at all matching tee, tie a scarf at your waist of a totally different color, a mask is necessary for this outfit. Also, if hairs are long then mess them up, or if they are small then too mess them up, or wear a wig otherwise if available.

  1. Witchy witch

Well, if you want to look all hot and sexy at your Halloween party, then simply just pick a dress and get a matching cone hat. Witches are usually found in either black or white but these days they wear all sorts of attires. Do not forget to put nail paint of the same color as your dress is, instead of dresses you may also pick a robe to suit your witch.

  1. A realistic skeleton

A skeleton is the first thing to be shown in any horror movie or show, to make it look like horror. So, this is how essential skeletons are for ghost-like-themes. Halloween is perfect for those themes to be a skeleton and it is very simple too. Wear black below and either paint your face white or put a mask (also, white). You may also take a weapon to the party for a proper look, like in the picture.

  1. Elsa from frozen

Indeed, Elsa from frozen was not at all evil but her superpower or super curse did cause destruction for which she tried to isolate herself. Anyway, you can also be Elsa at your Halloween and slay all you need to do is grab a blue dress, white heels and make a loose side braid out of your hair. There you are, ready to freeze everyone this Halloween. Enjoy!

  1. Twin this Halloween

If you are one of those who always preplan things then, this Halloween asks your best friend to join being your twin to the party. You guys may twin by wearing whatever you like but here I would prefer that your girl must be in school girl frocks with the same hairdo as well. And oh! Do not forget to paint your face white to get that scary finish.

Twin this Halloween

  1. The nun

Get yourself this demonic look, as the glowing eye Nun from the movie ‘The Nun’. This is so easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy to get. All you have to do is dress as the holy nun and then decorate your face as evil. And you are ready for your Halloween just like that.

  1. Little red riding hood

Not everyone plans to be this little cute character on Halloweens, but still you may turn it into a scary one by using some makeup. An artificial bullet wound would do here, or you may also try to put extra dark circles to look more like a ghostly red riding hood. Do make a mess with your hair and keep a little basket in your hand and a red and black hat on your head.

  1. Deadly nurse

This Halloween slays your Halloween party with this look, which is not so hard to get. Put on white stockers and a mask on the face a mandatory. Then, wear a white tight dress or any dress with a blazer or apron. Do the scary eye makeup and make a mess with your hair. And do not forget to take a big-bad-knife in your hands to complete the look. Be careful with the knife J

  1. Billy the puppet

At the last minute, this character Billy will help you look both classy and scare at your Halloween party. Wear a suit with bowtie, smooth your hair as you like, but darken the dark circles, put red lipstick and draw these black lines as shown in the picture also you can sharpen your eyebrows and paint your face white. If you can arrange red lenses out of somewhere then do go for this look surely.

Final word

Halloween falls on 31st October every year, it originated through the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. On this day, people light up bonfires and wear various costumes to ward off ghosts but Halloween is going on for a very long time, we need to come up with a new and innovative idea every year. By all means, this list of 20 best scary and sexy costumes might help get you what you want this Halloween.

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