Top 10 Most Popular TikTok Dance Challenges 2020

Tiktok is a very popular application where one can perform different types of acting or dances and other things. The craze of TikTok is increasing day by day and several challenges are getting trending every day. Challenges are a great way to keep every user engage with the application. Tik Tok challenges also help in bringing creativity in the users. Tik Tok is a great platform for all the dancers as well. This video making an app is perfect for channelizing all your acting and dancing skills. If you can perform with grace, then you will get a lot of followers and it can make you popular overnight.

Tik Tok is all about the content. There are several unknown Tik Tok users or dancers who can use this platform and reach a larger audience. All the TikTok dance challenges are viewed by millions of users. Every day new trends are introduced. There are different types of challenges for everyone. Sometimes you will have to groove on the dance moves and sometimes you will have to act on a certain piece.

The growing trend of Tik Tok is affecting the dance and music communities. People are interested in performing Tik Tok videos and dance challenges. Whenever there is a new video uploaded by the user then new challenges arise. Other Tik Tok user to do the same by using a specific hashtag. For a certain time, all the videos are related to that. If you successfully get trending then it will also help new users to get a boost in their follower count. Maybe not long after, you can also appear in the famous TikTok stars list.

If you want to get popular on Tik Tok, then you can follow some of the dance challenges. Most of the dance challenges are easy to pick up and you can also learn from the video of other users. Tik Tok platform is going to help you explore a massive platform that can support your dance skills.

So here is a list of top 10 Tik Tok dance challenges that every person can perform and get trending on TikTok.

  1. The Git Up Challenge: 

Git Up Challenge is a popular Tik Tok challenge. This challenge became a trend after Harvey Bass performed a hilarious Tik Tok video where he is covering the routine of Blanco Brown in his school cafeteria. This video got enough viral and hence different users started following The Git Up Challenge. This challenge is quite simple where one will have to follow the moves exactly performed by Blanco. All the moves that are present in this song are some of the most popular and inspired moves which were tied together in Blanco’s dance routine. You can also get several tutorials that can help you to perform the challenge properly.

  1. The Slide And Swivel Challenge

The Slide And Swivel Challenge is a challenge that Samsung after teaming up with Tiktok has started. The challenge was made for promoting the new handset of Samsung Galaxy A8o. In this Tik Tok challenge, every user will have to slide and swivel just like the sliding function of the camera present in the phone. This trend got pretty popular because it also provided the chance of winning a new phone along with the exclusive merchandise of BLACKPINK. This marketing strategy got very trending. One can incorporate breakdancing, contemporary or hip hop for flaunting their slides and swivel moves.

  1. Tchu Tcha Tcha

Tchu Tcha Tcha is a famous dance challenge that is based on the Brazilian song. This song got pretty popular. It was converted into a Tik Tok challenge after the video of Doi Yin. People were making videos on the song everywhere and sometimes even on the building rooftops. This dance challenge of Tik Tok got very popular in Asia.

  1. Uno Challenge

UNO challenge was created by Ambjaay and it got a lot of popularity which made it a viral Tik Tok video. Several users were performing this UNO dance challenge and several uploads were made on Instagram as well. The rapper has also teamed up with the DanceOn to provide people with the opportunity of featuring in his upcoming video. This local video became a huge challenge and he also collaborated with the choreographer of New York City Jona Biddle.

  1. Bean Dance Challenge

Mr. Bean’s challenge got very popular on tiktok because it is one of the favourites shows from everyone’s childhood. In this Tik Tok challenge, a person will have to perform the comical moves of dance that would be similar to that of Mr. Bean. This challenge was incredibly easy for many users to replicate even if they are a newbie. Millions of users of Tik Tok were performing this challenge and it got trending and interesting.

  1. Concalma Challenge

In the Concalma Challenge, you can see people grooving in the electrifying moves of the song Con Calma. It has been translated to Calmly from Con Calma In English. The users are dancing to the Daddy Yankee Banger. The challenge is pretty simple. Everyone has to perform some simple grooving steps.

  1. Kill This Love Challenge

Kill This Love is a very popular single of BLACKPINK. It soon became a trending Tik Tok video dance challenge. It got humongous popularity after Kyle Hanagami choreography of the dance. The video did spawn different types of challenges. BLACKPINK has huge followers and which is why all their choreographed routines were followed religiously by their fans.

  1. Stick Man Dance-Off Challenge

Stick Man Dance-Off Challenge is a popular Tik Tok trending dance challenge where you will have to channelise your inner stickman. In several animated Chinese videos, you can see the dancing moves so in this challenge you will have to mimic the moves performed by the stickman. It is quite an interesting challenge that is both unique and interesting.

  1. Dip And Lean Challenge

Dip And Lean challenge is a very popular Tik Tok challenge that is a compilation of various viral dance that includes the Floss, Milly Rock, and Dougie. This challenge got popular after Young Black Kings created it. They were featured in this song and it has got some mind-boggling dance moves. This Tik Tok challenge became very popular and it got more than three lacks view. BlackLout was also giving shoutouts to the videos that he liked on Instagram.

  1. Killer Not Stupid Finger Dance


Killer Not Stupid Finger Dance Challenge is getting very popular on Tik Tok. In this dance, the users will have to use their fingertips only. It got trending because it was promoting an action-comedy new film of Jack Neo. The cast of the movie introduced this new Tik Tok challenge of finger dance. Users will have to perform finger dance on the theme song of the movie.

Why use Tik Tok challenges to get popular? 

Tiktok will provide you with the option of performing on different types of songs and movie lines but you can take up some challenges. Most of the new users have very little followers but with the help of these challenges, they can get exposure. Moreover, people will only look into the latest challenge videos. If your performance is better than all the other Tik Tok users then it will put you in the limelight. So make sure you are checking out what is the current trending dance videos or challenges that are getting viral on Tik Tok. You will have to perform it with your pinch of uniqueness.

Tiktok is a massive platform and which is why everyone should use the application optimally. Many people are earning from Tik Tok and have also gained several brand advertisements. Tiktok is boosting the career of several people and the challenges are going to act like a breakthrough for them. If you have the required talent then you need to show cast it in the Tik Tok challenges.

Every new day you will see a trending Tik Tok challenge so make sure you are indulging yourself into it. It will boost your Tik Tok follower count and at the same time, you are going to become a sensational Tik Tok user on another social website as well. If your dance performance is good then you will get a lot of shares and it can guarantee your success. As many people will be performing it so it is going to be challenging to surpass them so do give your best efforts. Tik Tok challenges can be related to new movie lines, dance, songs and sometimes makeup transformation videos as well. One can enjoy a different variety of content in Tik Tok.

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