TOP 20 Personalized Mother’s Day Gift Ideas in 2020

A mother is the most precious jewel of this world. She works hard to bring you up, sacrificing the best moments of her life to bring you small comforts. A mother’s love is the purest in the world, and nowhere in the world can you find such purity in love. Since your birth, your Mother is loving you no matter who you are, how you look, how successful you are, and how much you love her. She is the only person on this planet who loves you without any return; the smallest deed of kindness from you can make her happy and give her a reason to live and smile.

In the vicious circle of busy routine, we forget our loved ones and send them to old homes or place them in the corner of the house at the disposal of a nurse or caretaker. We ignore the reality of past that once she was our caretaker, love giver, and a confidant who used to run around the house just to keep us safe from falling, and today she yearns to see our face and smile on Mother’s day or her birthday. Mother’s day is a good chance to surprise your Mother with something she needs or wishes to have.

2020 mother’s day will be different from previous years since we are all locked up because of the coronavirus, but staying at home does not mean that you skip Mother’s day; you can celebrate through zoom or skype and order a gift from any online service.

1. Smartwatch fossil gen 5 Julianna

Smartwatch fossil gen 5 Julianna

Presenting a gift to a mother is a beautiful gesture, so try to find something trendy and useful, which will double the joy of the award. If your mommy loves wearing watches and loves going out for a walk, gift her a smartwatch because she will be able to count her steps, keep track of her activity and look elegant by wearing Fossil Gen 5 Julianna watch. She will be able to check the time, attend calls, and monitored her heartbeat too. Fossil watches will be the best choice for her on Mother’s Day.

2. Diamond Pendant – $525

Mostly, women love to adore themselves with elegant, classic, and delicate jewelry items. Our mothers have a collection of jewelry pieces that are not only ornaments but attached to the events and give reason to smile by cherishing fantastic memories. On this Mother’s Day, gift your mom a diamond pendant to rejuvenate lifelong love for jewelry. Find the best three-prong solitaire pendant necklace with a gold chain on Houston Diamond District.

3. Philips Wakeup Light – $113

Philips Wakeup Light

If your mom has trouble sleeping, you can help her regulate her sleep cycle by choosing Philips Wake-up Light as a gift on Mother’s day. Philips Wake-up Light will be her private sunrise by imitating the dawn from slow light to full bright. She can easily read a book on her bed in this white light and without worrying about getting out of bed to switch off the lights. There is an inbuilt radio in it; mom will love hearing local FM news or any classic song before going into a deep slumber.

4. Sunglasses – $316

Giorgio Armani Woman Sunglasses

While going through old pictures, we often find mom wearing classic and trendy sunglasses on her honeymoon or while vacationing in Paris posing with dad. You can get an idea of her choice in sunglasses and gift her fashionable sunglasses on this Mother’s day. She would surely love wearing new sunglasses at a kitty party with her friends and would like to tell her friends about this gift. Order sunglasses from Georgia Armani latest crystal fitted sunglasses for mom on amazon and surprise her.

5. Gardening kit

Mothers are prone to gardening, especially in their older age, because they get to retire from their jobs in one way or another, so they try to spend their time on quality things which they could not cherish while focusing on their careers and rearing kids. Even young moms prefer gardening over spending time in a salon because they consider gardening their self-time. They sow seeds and use homegrown vegetables in their cooking and feel proud of feeding their family organic veggies devoid of chemicals.

If you think your mom dreams of having a kitchen garden, you can buy a gardening kit and a rocking chair for your Mother on the coming Mother’s day.

6. Makeup


Make this Mother’s day colorful and vibrant by gifting mom a Sephora favorites make up kit. She would love wearing new makeup and will get a break from the red lipstick color and face powder. Every woman loves to have makeup, but with growing age, they don’t buy makeup often, so it is high time to tell her that she looks gorgeous in makeup. Makeup kit will give her incentive to sit in front of her dressing table, dolling herself up just like her young daughter and grandchildren.

7. Perfume


As soon as a girl enters her teenage years, she goes crazy for pleasant fragrances and enticing perfumes. This obsession for good perfumes stays with the girl for the rest of her life. Buying a pleasant scent on this Mother’s day for your mom will be a great joy for her. You must know her choice in perfumes after spending a lot of years together whether she likes light, floral or strong fragrances so order according to her likeness.

Buy the latest iconic Coco Chanel Mademoiselle for your Mother, just the way you choose for your girlfriend to impress her.

8. Mixer


Over the years, mothers bake us yummy croissants, cupcakes, and chicken bread, etc. Mostly, mothers keep baking and satisfying their children’s sweet tooth until their old age. But their energy to use manual beaters and mixers is not like before, so definitely they need electric high tech beater so they can easily mix their batter and keep enjoying baking. On 2020 mother’s day, buying a custom mixer from Kitchen aid will be the perfect gift for a mother. You can enhance its charm by engraving her name or quote on the blender to make her happier.

9. Luggage bag

Luggage bag

If your Mother loves traveling and exploring the world, it would be fantastic to get her travel bag upgraded. She could easily pack all her stuff in one place in a well-organized manner. Lightweight trolley luggage carriers are the best choice for travelers because they avoid the hassle of carrying lots of small heavy bags. You can easily order from Samsonite, travel pro, Kenneth Cole, and Eagle Creek.

10. Handbag


The Mother’s love for handbags and their children’s love for stealing candies and makeup from their bags is undeniable. They always love to carry a smart purse from grocery shopping to attending a wedding. So shop for one of the best and classic handbags for your Mother on this Mother’s Day. Mothers are open books for their children because they always tell their choices and wishes. If you remember, once mom wanted to buy an expensive purse, and she couldn’t buy it as she needed to pay your tuition fees. You can bring tears of happiness in her eyes and let her know the importance of her sacrifices by buying a handbag from her favorite brand.

11. Sleeping suite

Sleeping suite

The comfy sleeping suite is a fantastic treat for the body after a hectic day. Sometimes we buy lots of clothes but forget to change or purchase the new sleeping suite. Gift your Mother a soft and buttery version sleeping suite and choose her favorite color. Always take care of mothers’ needs and never wait for events to gift her something as she never took the time to fulfill your wishes and dreams.

12. Camera


Did you grow up in a house where mom forced you to pose after dressing up every time or when you were diving into a pool? It indicates her interest in photography and collecting memories. On Mother’s Day, purchase a high tech DSLR camera from any good store like Sony, Canon, or Samsung for your Mother. If you are living in another state, you will be amazed at your next trip by seeing the Mother’s fantastic shots.

13. Diary


Sometimes, we feel shy in expressing love for our mothers, and secretly our mothers think we don’t love them anymore. As they grow older, they become more sensitive with the passing years. On Mother’s day, present a diary with a rose and write a love story of you and your Mother. After reading your words, surely she would love her life.

14. Tile Mate

Tile Mate

If your Mother is a forgetful one, this device will do wonders for her and win her love over for you. The Tile Mate is a device that could attach to any of your belongings like a purse, keys, earphones, or even your mobile, and you can track the device through your phone. It can track your belongings up to a range of 200ft. It will make your Mother’s or really anyone’s life better by saving them a lot of hassle if somethings get misplaced. Which it usually does every other day.

15. Smart Mug

Smart Mug

If your Mother loves tea or coffee, buy her a smart mug instead of buying a tea set. She can quickly warm her tea or coffee to her desired temperature without even going to the kitchen. You can easily monitor the temperature on your smartphone by installing the ember app on your phone. This useful product is available in the market with a one-year warranty.

16. AirPods


If you have ever seen your mom struggling in untangling the headphone wires and getting annoyed, then it is time to buy her a set of wireless Apple Air Pods. She can enjoy a long battery life and listen to her favorite songs for hours on end. This Air Pods can be charged by placing them in their case. She can enjoy its connectivity with every apple gadget. Are you wondering about buying her something useful on this Mother’s day? Then your confusion can be solved by purchasing apple Air Pods.

17. Kindle paper

Kindle paper

Your mom might be reading books and journals on MacBook or iPhone, but a reading book on Kindle white paper is more fun reading as notifications don’t pop up while reading. It is a very sleek and lightweight design. The best idea for coming Mother’s day is to gift your Mother this excellent device. She would love reading books on this gadget anywhere, even in the pool, since it is waterproof.

18. Gift cards

Gift cards

Mothers are cute, and some of them are straightforward in expressing their emotions, whether it is related to gifts or giving you love. So whenever you buy her a gift, she picks up faults in it, you must have felt bad and got discouraged for the next time you were shopping for her. But it doesn’t mean that you stop giving her gifts, but the best solution is to give her gift cards so she can easily buy whatever she wants according to her liking.

19. Spa kit

Spa kit

Moms run around and perform their duties without taking care of themselves. Meanwhile, they forget about self-care no matter how crazy they were for self-pampering when they were young. So this is high time for us to give her something which she can use to relax and feel pampered. On this Mother’s day, present her with a spa kit and attach with it a heartwarming note of love.

20. Aquis Original Hair Turban

Aquis Original Hair Turban

The Aquis Original Hair Turban is a stylish high tech turban that dries up your wet hair without the need to blow dry them. It is not only instrumental but also very fashionable to wear. Imagine your mom getting out of a shower jumping on to the day’s next task. She can forget about her hair being spoiled if she has this beautiful turban to take care of that problem. So on this Mother’s day, make her life more comfortable by gifting her one of these.

Final Wrap

It’s such a long list, we should say. But it gives you enough room to get something that your mom will truly appreciate. Endeavor to go through all and study what you think will match the personality and needs of your mom the best. Gifts make more sense when they meet their recipients at the point of their needs. No amount spent on her is a waste as she has once put everything in line for you. Go and make her happy!

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