Best 16 Personalized Jewelry for Moms/Men/Her in 2020

Jewelry items, especially good ones, are nice gift items in themselves. But when they are personalized to suit the needs, styles, and way of life of the person one is presenting it as a gift to, it is even more dope.

First, it shows that you care so much about the person that you have decided to make it all for them. Second, if the jewelry is tailored after the person’s personality, you are indirectly telling them that you have been observing them, learning from them, and have them in mind.

Since personalization of items often attract extra cost, gifting anyone such means you hold no amount as too much to spend on them. Even if your beneficiaries have a house full of it, they would still appreciate your generosity.

That said, we would be helping you with classic jewelry you can personalize for your moms, men, and her. Journey with us as we take you through this list.

Best Personalized Jewelry for Moms

Whereas you can have two brothers or sisters, moms are only one for everyone. And truth be told, no one loves you like your mom! To this end, she deserves all the best you can give. Use any of our personalized jewelry suggestions to say a resounding “Thank you” to her on her birthday or mom’s day.

  1. BaubleBar Chromatic Initial Pendant Necklaces

Allow the turquoise and sparkly effects of the BaubleBar Chromatic Initial Pendant necklace to deliver some life into your mom’s jewelry box. With its golden chain and circular pendant that is brightly Colored, there is no doubt that it would be a personalized jewelry gift your mother would love to wear.

In place of the word on the circular pendant, you can supply a few character messages, all for an average price of $36

  1. Zoe Lev Signet Ring with Engraving

At first look, Zoe Lev Signet Ring may appear simple and unassuming but the positivity embedded in it coupled with the fact that you can engrave it makes it a top gift to bless your mom with.

As the average price for this priceless jewelry does not exceed $58, allow your small-dollar to communicate affection and gratitude as the golden chain dazzles on her.

  1. Catbird + The Smallest Love Letter Charm

Here is a thoughtful letter charm from Catbird you can gift your mom with. Although it is a bit expensive, its 14k gold envelope on which 3 lines of text are written will truly make her special and loved.

You can decide to use her initials or monogram as the customized text. The Smallest Love Letter Charm sells at $138 in most stores.

  1. Stone and Strand Alphabet 14-Karat Gold Diamond Earring

If your mom is an ardent lover of earrings, this is one personalized jewelry to wow her. No cool mom to a diamond-studded earring carrying her name, inscription, number, or monogram on it. Even if she already has a box full of earrings, she won’t resist this because of the customization and gold make-up. The average price is $145

  1. Double Heart Pendant Necklace

Your heart plus that of your mom are two connected by one strong cord which is love. Relay this message to her by using this double heart pendant necklace. She can wear it the way she likes- whether singly or with the two hearts connected.

Its sterling silver appearance coupled with White Sapphire Stone (3mm) are great features that will catch the attention of your darling mom. Good enough, the price is highly affordable. It’s just about $45 only in most stores.

  1. Sterling Birthstone Cuff

Design this engravable cuff to highlight your mother’s children’s names or quotes. It has been made such that she can adjust the cuff to suit the size of her hand. A birthstone cuff reminding moms of their children is something they won’t find unappealing. Get one for your mom at a price of about $98.

Personalized Jewelry for Men

Best Personalized Jewelry for Men

Admittedly, men have fewer choices of jewelry than do women. But even at that, there are fantastic jewelry collections you can personalize for them. Whether they are your dad or significant order, you can take inspiration from our jewelry suggestions below to show the special man in your life that he matters a lot to you.

  1. Watches

Almost all men love watches and most of them do not consider their dressing complete without one. Imagine getting your dad a premium watch with his name nicely engraved at its back. It’s surely going to be pleasurable to him.

Better still, you can even go for the antique style of pocket watch engraving. But whatever your style is, a nicely engraved watch is surely going to be appreciated by any man. Depending on which type and brand you are opting for, men’s personalized watches can cost up to $1000.

  1. Dog Tags

Although initially used during World War 1 to identify military personnel wounded or killed, dog tags have now become a veritable fashion item used by men. You can customize it by engraving a special message on the dog tag or putting your man’s picture right on it. On most online sites where personalized dog tags are sold, the price is usually within $50.

  1. Customized Cuff Links & Tie Clips

Cufflinks are everyday fashion items for most men. You can put his initials on those cuff links or you engrave his monogram. The same applies to the tie clips.

You can purchase your customized tie clips and cufflinks on amazon, overstock, or other online stores. As small as it may appear, finding his name or initials on a beautiful cufflink will most likely warm his heart. And, isn’t that your aim?

  1. Men’s Engraved Rings

This can be wedding rings or any other type of ring. But a wedding ring can only be appropriate if the man in question is your fiancée or spouse. Otherwise, a casual ring or waistband that can be customized is okay.

You can engrave his name or nickname on the ring and garnish it up with some affectionate words. The choice of the ring you would buy would depend on your budget and possibly on the taste of the man. Whatever is the case, you can get a good one for $100 or more.

  1. ID Bracelets

This may not be very common but it is also dope. It is a little blank plate that is made of platinum, silver, steel, titanium, gold or silver and is connected to a chain or piece of rubber. On this leather or rubber, you can have anything of your choice engraved on it. This can include the man’s name, initials, or some affectionate words. You can shop for this item through this link.

Personalized Jewelry for Her

Best Personalized Jewelry for Her

When choosing a jewelry item for a significant order that is a female, you may want to exercise some caution or better put, be more ingenious. That’s because the female folks have a nose for fashion more than most men. In most cases, it is not the size of the jewelry (gift) that a girl looks at; it is the thoughtfulness given into gifts. As such, here are our suggestions of best-personalized jewelry you can give her

  1. Personalized Photo Key Chain

Do not estimate the effect that this small jewelry item can make when you present it to her. Imagine customizing the key chain with a photo of you both at the beach. It would be an exhilarating experience for her.

That means you have her in mind. And the good thing about this jewelry is that you can get a good one for less than 10 dollars. Take advantage of this ingenious jewelry item and impress your memories in her heart for a long time.

  1. Personalized Name Plate Necklace

Have you noticed she loves necklaces a lot? Get her a personalized nameplate necklace either of silver or gold. You can get one by following this link. The Name Plate necklace has a chain attached to the plate on which the customization is done. Inscribe her nickname, pet name, or an affectionate name on the plate and present it to her

  1. Photo Quartz Watch

It’s not only men that love watches; women do also. Make the watch a special one by uploading any of her favorite pictures in the background. You can use a picture of you both if you have one and present it to her.

Personalized watches like this can either have a case that is silver-toned or gold-toned. Of course, the choice depends on how much you can afford. However, on most online stores, a gold-toned personalized watch does not exceed $40

  1. Keepsake Box

If you have a girlfriend that already has abundant jewelry in her wardrobe, you may consider giving her a customized keepsake box where she can store notable jewelry given to her by others. Since the box is silver-lined and transparent, the right part to engrave would be the lid. Write her name boldly on it or inscribe something unique to her on the lid. For most stores, the keepsake box goes for $18.

  1. Adult Pearl Rosary

This is a perfect gift to a religious girl who loves to recite the rosary daily. It is about 18 inches from one end to the other with intermittent glass beads made of faux pearl. The crucifix and center medallion are where the personalization

Final Words

How you present any gift is as important as the gift itself. So, if you plan to give your mom, dad, or significant order any of these personalized jewelry items, you should ensure it is well-packaged and bought from the right source. The majority of these personalized jewelry items can be bought on Amazon, Overstock, or other popular online retailers of personalized jewelry items.

Send us a word if you can on your experience of buying and presenting these jewelry items to your desired recipient. We hope they love it!

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