20 Best Monthly Snacks Subscription Boxes Cheap in 2019

Snacks Subscription Boxes

Does your heart craves for tasty treats and you are seeking monthly snacks subscription box that will not tear your pocket? Welcome! We have the answers to your heart cravings. From gummy to sweet, salty, crunchy, and dietary snacks, we have your interest well-protected.

Good enough, our picks of monthly snacks subscription are not only the best around; they are also very affordable. So, if you are ready to know which monthly snacks subscription box is the best and cheapest, we are also ready to tell you. In this case, we’ll give you 20 of the best, and here they are.

  1. Love With Food

Monthly Subscription Fee: $9.99

Coupon: If you follow this link, you’ll get it at $5.99 for the first month

What’s In the Pack: Love With Food is a snack box that takes the health of its consumers seriously. The content is GMO-free, gluten-free, and with no artificial products. It is a snack box you can maintain without doing much damage to your health.

Beyond this, Love With Food invests in humanitarian services by giving part of its earnings to combat childhood hunger internationally. Delivery within the US is free while international shipping attracts a $3.99 fee.

  1. NatureBox

Monthly Subscription Fee: $5 to join and subsequent price reduction as a member

Coupon: Free trial for the first month. You may just have to pay for shipping only depending on your location.

What’s In the Pack: With minimal processing, NatureBox puts wholesome snacks on your Friends and Family’s table. It has no flavors, artificial colors or sweeteners. Once you register to become a member, you get access to many great snacks from this brand at highly subsidized prices. However, membership renewal per month is $5. Within the US, if you purchase up to $25 worth of snacks, you get free delivery. Delivery to Canada attracts a $4.95 fee.

  1. Snakku

Monthly Subscription Fee: $38.95

Coupon: This code, ADDICTION, gives you access to a 5% price slash for the first-month subscription.

What’s In the Pack: Being a Japanese snacks box, expect authentic and wholesome snacks wrapped in a furoshiki paper that is reusable. Many of the contents in this box are made by experienced Japanese companies with a global reputation for quality. It’s just like getting different kinds of Japanese foods from the comfort of your room when you subscribe to this snack box. Shipping to Canada comes at a small price of $5, International is $15, while it is free to the US.

  1. Candy Club

Candy Club

Monthly Subscription Fee: $39.99

Coupon: You have your first month’s fee reduced by $20 when you follow this link to subscribe.

What’s In the Pack: As you may have already suspected from the name, this snack box is majorly sugary with regard to the content. Each box contains different flavors of candy capable of supplying 3 pounds of energy. It is a good snack box for upcoming kids and friends at a birthday party. Expectedly, delivery from the US attracts no fee.

  1. SnackNation

Monthly Subscription Fee: Begins at $9.99

Coupon: If you check out this link, the first six subscriptions will only cost you just $1

What’s In the Pack: One thing you can always expect every month in this snack box is that the content will be free from artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners. The brand also showcases products of other brands thereby giving you the privilege of trying out new things. With every box of SnackNation sold, the owners of the brand provide a meal to a needy family somewhere around the world.

  1. FitSnack

Monthly Subscription Fee: $19.90

Coupon: When you make at least three months subscription at once, you get a 30% discount plus an extra $10 worth of snacks. The link to enjoy this is here

What’s In the Pack: FitSnack is conscious of your health and that is why snacks emanating from them are dietary compliant. Expect gluten-free, GMO-free, low-sugar, high protein, vegan, raw/organic, and natural contents in their snack boxes.

For every box of snacks, FitSnack gives up to ten sample healthy snacks. These include butter, shake mixes, nuts, and much more. Since their overall intention is to keep you fit through their food, they offer personal training alongside the snack plan. Also, this brand lends its generous hand to the Boys & Girls Club.

  1. Yummy Bazaar World Sampler

Monthly Subscription Fee: Begins at $9.99

What’s In the Pack: This snack box makes global food available at your comfort. The snacks are sample-sized, authentic, and picks from the best food items around the globe. Yummy Bazaar allows you to skip some months when you feel you are having an excess pantry and you also get points that can be used to purchase more snacks in the future. Shipping within the US Continental is free but attracts a small fee for international delivery.

  1. ZenPop

Monthly Subscription Fee: $24.50

What’s In the Pack: You get to find savory and sweet Japanese snacks in this box. These snacks have been handpicked by food experts to give you the nicest treat you crave. From rice crackers that have been glazed to udon and ramen, including sophisticated chocolates and uncommon candies, ZenPop gives them all to you in a fun-filled manner and packaging. The good news about them is that they ship to every location in the world for free.

  1. MunchPak


Monthly Subscription Fee: $9.95

Coupon: When you slot in the code, ADDICTION, you get a price slash of $2 on the first subscription.

What’s In the Pack: What you get for this snack box depends on the size you opt for. There are 3 sizes in all. The first is called Mini and it has 5-6 snacks. The second is called Original and it has over 10 snacks. Family snacks contain over 20 items. So, the choice is absolutely yours.

One last plus with this snack box is the option for customization. This means it is a perfect gift for a birthday or get-together. For add-on drinks and snacks, that attracts a fee of $1. Shipping worldwide is also possible at a small fee but free within the US.

  1. Urthbox

Monthly Subscription Fee: Between $9 and $49.

Coupon: This click will give you a $10 price off for the first month.

What’s In the Pack: Urthbox requires that you first join the community before you can have access to its great snacks packages. In all, the brand supplies full-sized, healthy products that you can pick up just at your door. Their package comes in four different boxes that you can select from. These are vegan, gluten-free, diet (meaning low calorie), and classic. What you choose is up to you and your health demands. Shipping is available to the US and its environs.

  1. InstaCandy

Monthly Subscription Fee: $19

Coupon: You can save $10 on your subscription by clicking here

What’s In the Pack: You can expect a candy box containing at least eight full-sized sour and sweet products including other goodies. Discouraged about the sourness? Well, you shouldn’t. It has been included to neutralize the sugary content and maintain your health. This snack box can be shipped to the US, Australia, and Canada at a minimal cost.

  1. Taste Trunk

Monthly Subscription Fee: $49. No Coupon

What’s In the Pack: Delicious, handpicked, and a healthy package of snacks that would leave a lasting taste in your mouth. The content is suitable for any health-conscious individual and can be utilized in cooking, as well.

Each box contains small brands that have been produced from the freshest and most organic ingredients that do not contain any preservative or excess sugar. So, you need not look any further if you are looking for a snack box that puts your health in place.

  1. Bear Naked Custom

Bear Naked Custom

Monthly Subscription Fee: $18.99

Coupon: A possible 10% price off if you click here

What’s In the Pack: Look out for two customized granolas that have been blended using your favorite ingredients and flavors. This package is delivered just at your door on a monthly basis with an amount of less than $20. Usually, you are required to select from any of the 3 granola options you are provided with. Once you make your selection, Watson, which is the IBM Chef, will assist you in matching the right ingredients. From this stage, you can take personalize the box as you wish.

  1. Bokksu

Monthly Subscription Fee: $39

Coupon: When you use the ADDICTION code at checkout, you get a $5 price slash.

What’s In the Pack: Bokksu is a premium Japanese snack box that contains special collections of hand-picked and original snacks. There is a Tasting Guide in each box to explain each item, and also, a tea pairing that is complimentary. Good news! Shipping to anywhere in the world is free.

  1. Vegan Cuts Snacks Box

Monthly Subscription Fee: $22.95

What’s In the Pack: It’s simply excellent vegan snacks. Vegan Cuts Snack Box is the choice of those that cherish healthy treats, teas, sodas, sweets, etc. About 80% of the content is organic and gluten-free. All the ingredients are certified fit for human consumption by relevant authorities.

Nevertheless, the special carefulness in preparing this snack hasn’t taken anything out of its yumminess. If anything, it has added more to it. There is free shipping to the US whereas the UK and Australia attract %15. Canada’s shipping fee is $9

  1. Universal Yums

Monthly Subscription Fee: $13

What’s In the Pack: It is tasty treat everywhere with Universal Yums. Their boxes showcase candies and snacks from different parts of the world on a monthly basis. When you open the box, you would see an informational pamphlet leading you into the world of flavor and what each snack stands to give you. There is also a scorecard in each box for you to record which snacks catch your fancy the most. Free delivery within the US is guaranteed but charges to various Canadian destinations vary.

  1. Keto Crate

Keto Crate

Monthly Subscription Fee: $34.95

Coupon: By entering KETOADDICTION during the checkout stage, you get a $5 price

What’s In the Pack: This snack box is ketogenic diet compliant. The content delivers more than 8 keto-friendly snacks that are low in carbohydrates every month. That aside, you get all the lifestyle coaching and information needed for someone on a keto diet here. Shipping is only possible in Australia, the UK, Canada, and the US.

  1. Try the World Snacks

Monthly Subscription Fee: $19

Coupon: with the code, SNACKBOX10, you get a $10 price off for the first month.

What’s In the Pack: Get a snacking experience that is gourmet indeed. All the items in this pack have been curated by a competent chef, and it contains products from both renowned and upcoming artisans, as well.

It’s good to mention that this is not a one-size-fits-all snack box. Some are majorly for snacks while others contain seasonings and pantry items. Shipping to Canada and the US are the only ones allowed.

  1. Tokyo Treat

Monthly Subscription Fee: Begins at $22.50

Coupon: Enjoy $3 price slice with the code 3OFF

What’s In the Pack: Reliable and original Japanese treats! Beginning from Pocky and Koalas March to the rare flavors of sweets, chips, and dagashi, every bite from Tokyo Treat is a big adventure to the core. Let your appetite and family size guide your choice of the size of this snack box you will choose and get into a whole space of the flavors it has to offer.

  1. Graze

Monthly Subscription Fee: $14.99

Coupon: With a click here, you’ll find how to enjoy a 50% price slash for the first eight-snack sampler.

What’s In the Pack: Eight single-serving of great snacks which are not only super handy but also health-conscious. If you are always disturbed by what your lunch at work should look like, this snack box is a healthy choice you can consider. One great attraction is the customization of each box into different preferences such as nuts, real fruits, and great ingredients. Only shipping to the UK is supported. Shipping to the US has been canceled.

Final Words

Your choice out of these 20 would depend on your health status as well as your budget. Similarly, you may want to consider the ease of shipping since most of these snacks boxes are foreign-produced. Get down with shipping and let’s know what your experience looks like.

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