The 10 Best iPhone 11 Pro Bumper Cases of 2020

Best iPhone 11 Pro Bumper Cases

iPhone is one of the unique brands of smartphones, and the brand has come a long way since the first product of it was unveiled in 2007. iPhone is regarded as a premium phone, and several a series of this smartphone brand has been released to the market with upgraded features from time to time.

The iPhone 11 Pro is the latest series of the Apple product that has been unveiled in the market with great features than the previous releases. With excellent camera quality, the iPhone 11 is easy to handle and lightweight due to its aluminum body. Being lightweight can also have its detriment as the phone can easily be damaged when dropped accidentally or hit on hard surfaces.

It is advisable to protect your iPhone 11 Pro with a suitable bumper case from damage in situations when you accidentally drop or hit it on hard surfaces.

Best Bumper Case of 2020

iPhone 11 Pro accessories have flooded the market since the product was released, and the bumper case is one of those needed accessories. However, buying one online can be a challenge with so many products available. Yet, when selecting a bumper case, you have to consider the quality of the material, probably it should be made up of soft TPU materials; you can use the camera without hindrance and consider wireless charging features if that is an option.

To make it easy when shopping for a bumper case online, you should consider the top 10 products we have lined up for you.

1. Temdan iPhone 11 Pro Case $14.99

Temdan iPhone 11 Pro Case

The Temdan iPhone 11 Pro Case offers all-round protection from the screen to the back of the body of the phone. The bumper case has extended edges and screen protectors that will prevent damage to your screen when you drop the iPhone accidentally. With a screen protector that comes along with the bumper case, you protect your screen from scratches or breakage as you maintain the quality of the phone.

The materials used in making the bumper case are top quality aluminum, which makes it durable and lightweight. It ensures that the bumper case does not add bulky weight to the iPhone 11 Pro as it maintains its lightweight features. You can quickly charge your phone through the wireless charger, and with easily accessible buttons, it makes it convenient to use this case on your iPhone 11 Pro.

2. Floveme PC $18.59

Floveme PC case

You should not be deceived by the clear features of the Floveme PC case, for it is way stronger than it looks and offers more in terms of protection. The crystal clear features of the bumper case are lovely, and one of the reasons people love this bumper case.

It offers total protection to your iPhone Pro 11 with the back being made up of hard PC and silicon, which makes it malleable and keeps your iPhone protected as long as you have it on your phone. The bumper case is lightweight and convenient for use with the ports and the buttons easily accessible when you have the bumper case on the phone.

The clear case, when used on your iPhone 11 Pro, gives the iPhone its unique look with the body of the phone visible for all to see. And it also supports wireless protection for those who will prefer these features to charge their phones.

3Weycolor for iPhone 11 Pro Case $9.98

Weycolor for iPhone 11 Pro Case

The Weycolor bumper case is a pocket-friendly case for your iPhone 11 Pro and one of the most affordable bumper cases you can find online. The back of the case is made up of a mixture of carbonate material and flexible TPU materials.

Your iPhone will maintain its beauty with this bumper case as it does not alter the appearance of the phone. You can get it in clear black or clear red color, which are the two colors that this bumper case comes with. It is slim and can fit into your pocket properly when you keep it in your pocket. It is portable in your pocket, easy to use with the buttons easily accessible with the bumper case.

4. RANVOO iPhone 11 Pro Bumper Case $16.95

RANVOO iPhone 11 Pro Bumper Case

The RANVOO bumper case ensures that your iPhone maintains its original beauty with its transparent and lightweight features. The bumper case help dissipates heat away from the phone and ensures that your phone does not overheat.

It is made up of space-grade aluminum alloy, which ensures it is lightweight and gives the case its durable property. It is made up of flexible TPU material, which provides the flexibility property with a soft touch. It has an anti-shock feature and protects your phone from scratches and breaking.

It is the best bumper case for the money; it is a little bit on the high side and has a wireless charging feature.

5. ESR Air Armor Designed for iPhone 11 Pro Case $12.99

ESR Air Armor Designed for iPhone 11 Pro Case

The ESR Air iPhone 11 Pro Case comes in three colors, which are clear, clear black and clear green, and it ensures that the iPhone maintains its original beauty. With air space and flexible TPU material, the case is easy to install and has anti-shock properties to keep your phone safe when it drops or hit a hard surface.

With a hard PC back, it offers total protection for your iPhone and its TPU ensures that you can get a firm grip so that it can be conveniently handled. It is thin and lightweight, can fit into your pocket properly, and add no extra weight on the iPhone.

The raised edges protect the camera and the screen of the iPhone when they fall accidentally, and it comes with wireless connecting features.

6. Defense Shield, iPhone 11 Pro Max Case $29.95

Defense Shield, iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

Add some colors and beauty to your iPhone 11 with a wide range of colorful bumper cases such as rose gold, iridescent, red, purple, and black. It provides total protection and has been drop tested for over 10 feet with its hard polycarbonate, soft rubber, and anodized aluminum metal. It made use of machined metal instead of plastic while still maintaining a lightweight characteristic because of the technology used in making the case.

The manufacturer of this product also takes the sound quality into consideration with the integrated sound amplifier at the bottom that helps direct sound at the back to the front of the tremendous iPhone. The case does obstruct the sound production of the iPhone.

7. Comsoon for iPhone 11 Pro Max Case $6.99

Comsoon for iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

Get a firm grip on your iPhone 11 Pro with Comsoon Max Case as you protect your phone from scratch and fall. With flexible TPU used in making the case, it is flexible and easy to install on your phones, offering extra protection on the edges of the phone.

The crystal clear design ensures that you do not lose the original style of the iPhone. And with its tiny dot design, it helps to prevent bubbles from forming with the case.

8. TOZO for iPhone 11 Pro Case $8.99

TOZO for iPhone 11 Pro Case

The TOZO comes in black, clear, and transparent black colors with its raised edges for the total protection of your iPhone 11. It is designed to give you a comfortable feel when you grip the iPhone using this case, lightweight and perfect fits into the pocket without feeling bulky.

With the use of clear PC at the back of the case for protection against fall and scratch, the edges are made up of flexible TPU materials.

It does support wireless charging, and the price is friendly to customers.

9. MYJOJO iPhone 11 Pro Case $3.50

MYJOJO iPhone 11 Pro Case

The MYJOJO is a uses a unique design to offer one of the slimmest iPhone 11 Pro for the protection of your phone. It is very cheap, and this should not, in any way, undermine the features of this bumper case. It has two layers for the protection of your phone, and the inner layer made up of TPU material which ensures it fits appropriately. And the outer layer made up of hard PC that protects the iPhone when it falls accidentally.

The dual protection design is not common in most cases, which makes the MYJOJO unique, and it also comes with a wireless charging feature.

10. SURPHY Clear Case $10.70

SURPHY Clear Case

The SURPHY clear case is unique with the use of TPE material, which is not typical in bumper cases for iPhone 11 pros. With the soft features, it is easy to handle, and this feature is due to the TPU material used on the back glass. You can rest assured that your iPhone is well protected with this clear case without in any way obscuring the beauty of the phone.

The case is everything you can think of to protect your phone and ensure that they are convenient to use.


With the selected bumper case products for your iPhone 11 Pro, I believe we have made shopping online easier. The products are appropriately chosen after thorough research and reviews from customers that have made use of these products.

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