Beginner’s Guide: How to Find Your Clothing Style as a Male

How to Find Your Clothing Style

Clothing plays a vital role in crafting one’s personality. The dresses you wear are a representation of how you wish to portray yourself to society. Dressing up, cleaning yourself, looking good, and accentuating one’s God-gifted beauty is not limited to women in this modern and globalized world. Men are not lagging in opting for the latest styles in fashion to look more presentable. They are following the latest practices in dressing manners from looking at celebrities, popular social media trends, and fashion weeks from around the world.

It is quite exciting and comfortable to appreciate someone’s personality and clothing style, and we see men everywhere who know exactly how to carry themselves and what to wear in varying situations. By looking at celebrity’s stylish photoshoots, many men sprout a wish to look like them.

But following someone else’s style, without keeping in mind, your personality traits is not a smart move. Resultantly, you might end up looking outright silly. Clothing is a part of your innate personality and your outward appearance. These two qualities must complement each other and synchronize naturally. Since each person has different personality traits and bodily characteristics, their clothing style has to be customized accordingly. Wardrobe malfunctions occur when we recklessly follow fashions and trends without keeping in mind our features and the way of life that we follow. By following the carefully selected guidelines in this article, you can determine a personalized clothing style that fits like a perfect glove.

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Be Yourself 

According to Rachel Zoe, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Clothing styles are a representation of one’s identity, and preserving individuality amid wardrobe choices is essential. It is a simple concept to be understood by every individual that every man is different in his unique style. With the advent of revolutionized media, every day, we come across marketing promotions like messages, fashion weeks, movies, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. These platforms tend to influence our style in clothing, and the choices we make are, of course, a reflection of the content that we absorb. When following the latest and happening fashion styles, incorporating the material and fashion ideas in your dressing style will help improve it significantly. Care must be taken, however, to create a unique version of what you see online. Here I intend to give you a foundation to build your style decisions. This article urges you to use your creative skills when making clothing decisions.

Signature Style

There is no need, especially for men, to follow any fashion icon or celebrity blindly. Discover a clothing style that is not only comfortable, but also suitable to your personality by keeping in mind your age, physique, and culture. The market is full of options, so whenever you buy anything, make sure you will wear it confidently. Confidence enhances your personality and looks.

To-do list for personal signature style

Improve your self-knowledge and self-actualization. Get to know yourself better by deciding if you prefer comfort over style or vice versa. But one does not necessarily have to compromise between the two, as fashion designs today are most comfortable, especially for men. It is advisable always to choose something that can let you breathe and move without hindrance. While female fashion styles sometimes restrict their movement to enhance elegance, but the same is not valid for men. The grace, for men, is in being comfortable in their suites.

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Be Comfortable

It is prevalent in our practices that whenever we plan to gift someone, we keep in mind the other person’s taste and style. Those who love wearing casual clothes would prefer casual wear over suiting, and one should be open about their preference in clothing. Keeping your style intact with slight changes make your style statement and make your image more compelling.

A Wardrobe is a Reflection of Personality

Choosing your wardrobe to highlight your features, in consideration of your shape and size, is an art that you learn over time and after trying many styles. Convincing yourself to wear everything everywhere is not a cool idea. Designers do weeks of research and carefully develop specific techniques that are customized to accentuate a particular type of body. A few examples that can help when going shopping:

  • Opt for pleated trousers with a sharp taper if you have massive calves.
  • If your height is average, have your jackets fitted carefully, with a shorter hem that ends at your hips.
  • Go with a deconstructed jacket if you have broad shoulders.
  • If you are tall and lean, wear a double-breasted jacket to add bulk to your frame.

Selection of Colors

Fortunately, men don’t have a lot of options in colors and good riddance. A lot of colors are not made for men, and it is better to avoid them entirely. The hue of men’s clothing articles isn’t overpowering, and because they’re not overwhelming, they easily mix with different clothing items. Dominant colors like neon, green, and orange don’t work well with strong personalities and, as a result, adjust very awkwardly with men’s design. If your wardrobe is all neutral colors, you don’t need to know “how to mix and match colors.” A neutral color wardrobe is essentially self-working, and black is like the king of all colors. I wouldn’t judge a man if he had an entirely black wardrobe.

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The market caters to the taste and needs of every class with trendy styles and designs. Undoubtedly, good quality fabric, better design, and better sewing cost more, but buying that is too expensive is not a sound idea. The reason is that clothes are not like gadgets or an iPhone. You can only wear an outfit a certain number of times before it starts to get out of fashion. An outfit also has its physical limitations, and the color of the fabric begins to Wayne after a few washes. So be practical, buy two suites in half the price rather than spending your fortune on a single expensive piece.

Moreover, even within a limited budget, you can purchase trendy, stylish clothes. You can buy the right quality clothes when sales are in full swing. In the market, sales culture plays a vital role in the promotion of the fashion industry. It also helps the outlets get rid of their stock and make room for incoming items. Styles do not change much from season to season. There are only slight variations from one season to the other. Cash this opportunity, and always make a habit of visiting sales for the best-priced articles.

Time to be in the Limelight

Life is full of responsibilities, but it doesn’t mean you keep on fulfilling your duties and forget to treat yourself. Pampering yourself is an easy and convenient escape, and wearing a smart dress is a soul-enriching activity. At times, when you want to be in the limelight and grasp the attention of people, we try our best to dress up in the best way possible. Young boys especially wish to attract the attention of college/university fellows or just to look trendy. For them, there is a fantastic and straightforward tip to follow:

  • Surround yourself with stylish people or those who have an urge for trends and fashion.
  • Start following smart and good looking people on Instagram & Facebook.
  • Give attention to magazines and movie heroes. Without hiring a high-end designer, you will start getting ideas related to fashion and trends.

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Right Fit

At times we wonder how celebrities or stylish people manage to look good in a simple T-shirt with denim. The answer is straightforward because they choose the right fit for themselves; they don’t ignore their size and shape. That’s why they keep a close check on their body mass and its contours. Wearing loose clothes divides your body portions, and it is not the way to look smart, and it’s entirely out of fashion these days. The problem with men is that they are always in a hurry. When you go shopping, take your time. Choosing a proper fit is essential to your clothing fashion. Next time you go shopping, use the three pull formula – “Pull 3” of the same item:

  • One in size you think you are
  • One size up
  • One size down

And buy the best-fitted size after trying them on one by one.

Event-Based Clothing 

Try to update your wardrobe according to upcoming events if you have a friend’s wedding, any conference, a road trip with friends or drinking at the bar all night, buy accordingly.

Sometimes we need to come out of our comfort zones like we cannot wear a t-shirt on friends’ wedding or a pajama to a funeral. Social etiquettes need to be appropriately followed.


A new pair of shoes, wristwatches, belts with dress pants, collar studs, and sunglasses can make you more attractive and stylish. Always try to buy one item from accessory while shopping; this will add more spice in your personality.

Black Shoes go with a black belt and brown shoes with brown. If your boots are multicolored, then go for a black belt.

Always try to wear a wristwatch. Men look very organized when they wear watches. Men usually wear them on their left hand, but it is not a strict rule.

Wear clean shoes; worn out or dirty shoes would ruin your entire look, no matter what. Wearing dark shades will make you look way more mysterious than you are. Everyone loves that in a man.


And lastly, just be clean with a trimmed beard and a nice haircut. Women have believed for centuries that men only need to make their hair and shave their beards to get a look that takes women tens of hours, and they are not entirely wrong.

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