How to Find Cheap American Airlines Flights to Europe / Hawaii / London

Hawaii, Europe, and London are among the top travel destinations for many Americans and other nationals. In 2018 alone, more than 30 million Americans traveled for one reason or the other to various places in Europe. Most of these travels are via airplanes and for businesses, leisure, visitations, and tourism.

Transportation by air is, no doubt, one of the fastest and safest, especially when it comes to intercontinental journeys. But when planning for a trip by air, whether for business or tourism, your airfare is one of the most demanding expenditures you would have to settle. With just two or three airfares in a year, you can part with thousands of dollars. As such, it is not out of place if you are seeking cheap airline flights to your travel destinations. It helps you to be in charge of your spending and keep your holiday experience high.

Keep reading this piece to know some of the ways to save costs while traveling to Europe, Hawaii, or London and some popular American airlines that offer affordable airfares.

Tips for Booking Cheap American Airlines’ Tickets

Flight tickets are usually costly, but you can get cheaper ones by following these simple guides.

1. Book Early

By booking your flight not less than two months to your departure time, you are going to save some money and possibly get a good deal. Airfares jump up (sometimes doubling their original prices) when it’s a month or few days for the plane to depart. Also, you might not be able to get your preferred seat if you wait until the last minute to book. Not all airlines require that you book with money; so, you can check for those that do not require upfront payment and make an early booking.

Tips for Booking Cheap Tickets

2. Be Calculative with Your Travel Days

One factor that governs the price of flight tickets is the season of the year. From the fundamental law of demand, more demands mean more price. If you schedule your journey to the rush seasons of the year, you are likely going to be paying more. Such rush seasons include holiday periods such as Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and others. Many people will plan to travel home at this time, and airlines consider it the best period to shoot up their prices. As such, if you can plan your journey so that it doesn’t fall around these times, you are sure to get a better deal.

3. Consider Connecting Flights

If getting to your destination within the shortest time possible is not your priority, another great way to save cost on airfare is to book connecting flights. The difference between your arrival time when on a non-stop flight and connecting flight may not even be up to 4 hours, but the price difference is undoubtedly going to be significant. When searching, you will always get the option for direct, one-stop, or two-stop flights. If you have a few hours to spare, get on a connecting flight, and save some dollars.

4. Use Flight Price Alerts

Some websites and apps can notify you when the prices of flights are up or down. There are even some that specialize in scanning airline airfares to know the cheapest. Bookmark these sites and subscribe to their newsletters to get price alerts. The essence of this alert is to let you know the best time for you to book. A little price drop can amount to a significant saving on your airfare, especially if you are traveling with your whole family.

5. Ditch the Traveling Agents

When you are on a low budget and trying to save costs, that’s not the time to commit your flight booking into the hands of an agent. That’s because no matter how cheap or costly a ticket is, the agent will add their service fee to it. In some cases, the agent fee can amount to a quarter of the flight ticket. You can avoid paying this amount by sitting with your computer and checking out airlines and their booking prices for your destination.

6. Check out Discount Airlines

Airfares for the same destination are not usually the same for all airlines. Some are renowned for giving discounts and traveling points to their regular customers. If you discover and purchase tickets from these, you would be able to save some money. What this means is that you would be willing to use more than one airline for your journey. In the next section below, we would check out a few American airlines that offer discounts or cheap flight tickets to European destinations, Hawaii, and London.

Best Discount American Airlines to Check for Cheap Flight Tickets

Best Discount American Airlines to Check for Cheap Flight Tickets

1. Norwegian Air

For all your European destinations from the United States, Norwegian air is one airline you can count on for cheap flight tickets. They operate from over twelve cities in the States and can connect you to other non-European countries like Turkey, Dubai, and Morocco. The majority of the planes used by Norwegian air are new, and as such, you do not have to dread being uncomfortable during long flights. Their prices for one-way trips that are competitive, and you get access to free Wi-Fi. If you don’t appreciate stopovers and layoffs, Norwegian roads are mostly direct, with only a few exceptions.

Their low fare tickets may not have many frills, but they allow free carry-on and personal items. The dimension of the baggage they allow may be smaller than others, but in most cases, if you go overboard, they may still allow it without any extra charge. If purchased earlier, you can save up to 50% of your luggage fees with Norwegian airlines.

The downside of this airline is that because their fare is cheap, their charge for luggage, seat selection, and meals can be a bit high. But these are optional, and you can adjust to cut down cost.

2. LEVEL Airlines

As an arm of Iberia, LEVEL is another airline that offers cheap flights to Barcelona (Spain) and Paris (France). It is a relatively new airline that takes off from the US states of New York, Boston, and San Francisco. Although its flight dates, locations, and destinations are limited, their prices are always low. Also, they have excellent entertainment and elegant planes. Carry-on bags are part of the airfare, but you will have to pay for meals, seat selection, and any checked suitcase with you. These additional charges can increase your flight fare by $78 to $80.

3. American Airlines

For your journey to Hawaii from any location in the US, American Airlines have affordable tickets that you can buy. Having been operating for close to a century now, AA offers budget-friendly airfares for both domestic and international flights. It covers up to 50 countries and does not charge a fee for seat reservations. The airline operates its credit cards, which travelers can use to get some discounts.

Similarly, you can get direct flights to Hawaii and other destinations outside the US, just like they also offer connecting flights to different continents, too. Their airfare covers one personal item and a carry-on. If you have extra luggage after this, you would have to pay. This additional fee can be up to $50, depending on the weight.

Websites for Cheap Flight Tickets

4. Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa is a German airline that operates in the US and other country airports. They traverse more than 100 destinations on six continents. When considering an airline that can offer you cheap flights to London or Europe, Lufthansa should be on your list of options. They are the first major airline in Europe and forth on the globe, so they’ve got the wits and experience. For their airfare, you can carry one hand luggage, whose size must comply with the local airport standards.

Since you are hoping to save some cost, it means you will be considering their economy class. However, Lufthansa’s economy class is comfortable, even Long-distance journeys. Their seats are ergonomically shaped, and they have adjustable headrests.

Websites for Cheap Flight Tickets

In case you don’t have the time to check and compare airfares by airlines, some booking sites are committed to doing that. They use unique algorithms to scan through dozens of airlines and suggest to you the one with the best price deals. So, instead of jumping from one website to another, you can quickly check through these websites and see the best deal for the time of your travel.


You do not have to exhaust your savings because you want to make a trip to Europe or Hawaii. Sometimes, with the right information and early action on your part, you can save a lot of money, which otherwise could have gone into paying for flights. Cheap flights are not necessarily a signal of abysmal or below-standard services; they may be a product of promo, special discounts, or taking the right steps early. The information in this piece will help you to get cheap flights from the US to famous places such as Hawaii, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

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