Best 25 Halloween Costume Ideas for Women/Couples/Kids 2020

It’s about that time of the year again when everyone surprises everyone with trick-or-treating costumes to mark the Halloween festival. Among other things that surround this yearly observance are people’s creativity and ingenuity which are brought to the fore, especially in dressing or costumes. As October 31 is just some days around the corner, what are your plans to ensure that you stand out and ignite the envy of your friends and admirers?

Halloween costumes are becoming a big deal these days, especially as years roll by. Purchasing one from the store may cost as much as a college textbook. So, if you are like most people, your priority now will be to come up with Halloween costume ideas that will be so creative yet cheap enough not to tear your bank account apart. After all, creativity does not have to be financially tasking all the time.

And why have we put up this article if not to aid you in your endeavor? By the way, this isn’t just one of those unrealistic pieces you may have found somewhere online before. It is a product of in-depth research that will help you come up with Halloween costumes that your friends, colleagues, and anyone that cares to know will keep asking, “How did you come about it?”

You know what? For easy reference, we have structured it into categories so you can just go to the one that suits yours the most. If you are set, fasten your seat belt as we take off together.

Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Women in 2020

Women can find insight from any of our suggested Halloween costume options here. You may dress exactly as we have suggested, or you can add your creativity to it. The ball is all in your court. But here are our impressive costume ideas for you.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

  1. Minnie Mouse Costume

If you love Disney very well, this Halloween is an avenue to let everyone know by dressing up in this elegant Minnie Mouse Costume. The good thing is that you can DIY within ten minutes, once you have the necessary materials. These are red tutu, Minnie ears, and Yellow pumps. You can easily get these in a craft store closest to you.

Begin by making some polka dots on your red tutu. A local felt can be of help here. After completing the dots, cut some round circles in black colors and attach them to the red tutu with glue. To look like a Minnie mouse, just wear a back top on black tights, and put on the red tutu. Don’t forget to add the Minnie ears and the Yellow pumps!

  1. Ghost Costume

Have you been longing to appear like one of those ghosts you’ve watched on your TV? Here is the secret to spring this surprise. Let your base dress be pure black (a black top and leggings) while you paint your face white. Your next body part to take care of is your eyes. You should use black eyeshadow for this costume.

Pin and drape neutral cheesecloth while you hold it firm with safety pins that are also white in color. Allow this cheesecloth to touch the ground a little bit. Double this with a loosely woven, large white gauze (you can use decorating materials of your windows or doors here). Take a shot at your shoulder by draping a chain (plastic) and lock (vintage-inspired) around it and you are set!

  1. Rey Costume

If you are a fan of Star Wars, here is an opportunity to mimic Rey in this forthcoming Halloween. And excitedly, the costume is very easy to make at home. Here are the things you need: one each of white fabric, brown tunic, Slouchy Riding Boots, brown belt, and lightsaber.

You would be wearing the brown tunic up with the white fabric as a makeshift armband. Once you put on the boot and saber, you then have to keep everything together with that brown belt. Just turn around and see a Rey in you!

  1. Midsommar Costume

A lot of people are naturally scared of a flower crown, especially when worn on a costume that portrays horror. Shake some tables this Halloween by putting on this hair accessory beloved by the VSCO Girls.

To rock this Halloween costume, you need to wear the flower crown on a long flowy hair, get a solstice frock that is also flowy, and crown it up with a creepy look. Just watch as you see your friend’s heart begin to palpitate before they get to know it’s you.

  1. Butterfly Princess Costume

You can opt for this Halloween costume if you are extremely gifted at sewing. From afar, you would be a constant recipient of many compliments in this elegant dress. If you don’t know how to sew, it is available on Amazon and other Halloween costume marketplaces.

  1. Poison Ivy

Becoming a Poison Ivy is about the simplest of all the ideas for women. Simply get your hair dyed red and deck yourself in all-down green. In all, you are just mixing the green and red colors in a very terrifying manner. It’s as straightforward as that. You can even finish the whole thing by wearing some poisonous look.

  1. Sprinkles Costume

Sprinkles costume is an eleventh-hour costume idea that is not only easy to arrive at but also cheap. Perhaps, the only thing that it may cost you is a small-time doing some shopping. And what are those things that you need? Popsicle sticks that are colored, tulle skirt, sunglasses, white tee, Hot Glue Can, Sprinkles, and fabric tape.

Once you have the above materials, commence by fixing the Popsicle sticks on the skirts. They need to be placed at the right angles to look like a pro. In order to achieve this, you may want to put on the skirt first before attaching the sticks. Repeat this for the white tee and attach the sprinkles to the sunglasses. To do this, you would have to remove the lens first and slide a hot glue to its edges to pick up the sprinkles. Once everything is set, you are ready for the party.

  1. Easy Spiderweb Costume

This costume allows you to put on any dress of your choice and still look stunningly different. If you are gifted at weaving, you can weave the spiderweb yourself putting in all the intricacies to make it look like a real web. If you don’t know how to weave, you can simply purchase the Spider Web on Etsy or other stores. On average, it sells for $5. Wear it on any clothing, especially white tee, and a Halloween costume is set.

  1. Britney Spears

You can deviate a bit from the status quo this Halloween by appearing in this special costume. It’s just the way you see it in the picture. You need a pair of socks reaching your knee, a white shirt that has a collar, a sweater of grey color, and a short skirt (black and pleated). This is just simple to arrive at and yet, many people will be held spellbound. You only to wear everything like the picture above shows.

  1. Bat

Imagine dressing in a costume that makes you look like a bat? It would be a pleasant surprise for your friends, won’t it? Of course, it will. But then, you need to have a black dress and possibly ears that are pointed. Your hairdo must also be such that will favor this costume. With the right makeshift cape, you would just need to cut out a design that is wing-like and, hush! You are a bat already.

Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Couples can also appear unique at this year’s Halloween without much financial draining or issue. Here are some costume ideas for Halloween for couples to step out in.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

  1. Pencil and Notebook Halloween Costume

Perhaps you and your significant other met while in elementary or high school or both of you are teachers. Whichever way, this idea is perfect for you if you can settle for it. The man needs to be on a white T-shirt while the woman needs an all-yellow gown.

To arrive at the pencil, you need a party hat that is old. Cut this hat into the shape of tan cardstock. Since the cone has to be of different colors, you need to cut the different parts separately and then fix them together with glue. Once the cone is ready, a pair of silver socks plus pink shoes are what you need to rock this costume.

  1. Party Animal Halloween Costumes

This costume idea is about the easiest for couples who have to put up something at the last minute. As the name already suggests, you both need to get into any of your party dresses and look for complementary animal masks over it. We bet it would be the talk of the year, and you would get many pleasant reactions from friends and colleagues.

  1. Old Married Couples Halloween Costume

Let’s say your best moment together as a pair is during your nighttime. You can demonstrate this by putting on your pajamas or night wears on any of your casual dresses. No special packaging is required, and Halloween will surely make it acceptable by all. In fact, a pair of socks on slippers will further reinstate to everyone that you are an old married couple.

  1. Ashley O from Black Mirror

Picking inspiration from Black Mirror, a Netflix series, you and your SO can become stoked on verve and ambition this Halloween and turn to an Ashley O. The unique thing in this costume is the purple wig. Yes, both of you have to rock purple wigs! It’s completely up to you to decide what you would wear under. However, we suggest you both wear shorts and t-shirts of contrasting colors.

  1. Eclipse Halloween Costume

Do you remember the whole gist about the eclipse? You can re-create this with your spouse this Halloween. Let her be dressed in all gold symbolizing the sun while you appear in all silver representing the moon. Of course, for an eclipse to occur, the moon (the man) has to come in front of the sun. You should not forget to create this impressive while you both take a walk.

  1. Simba and Rafiki from The Lion King

Given the huge comeback that The Lion King is recording in 2019, it definitely won’t be out of place for you and your partner to dress like two of its stars – Simba and Rafiki. The good news about this costume is that even though it looks complex, it’s easy to assemble. Give your face some nice decorations and get some onesies and manes from a nearby store. Dress up and get set for your best Halloween ever.

  1. Goose and Maverick Halloween Costume

How about appearing like Anthony Edward and Tom Cruise this October 31st? You can be sure that almost everyone would take you for their double. It’s quite ingenious and you only need to shop for the aviator jumpsuit ahead of time to rock this costume with your partner. Don’t forget the dreadlock and dark sunglasses to perfect the look.

  1. Phillip Carlyle and Anne Wheeler from The Greatest Showman

Use this festive mood to show your support for one of the greatest shows ever. You can achieve this by recreating Anne Wheeler and Philip Carlyle who are the obvious players in the project. For the woman, you only need one purple onesie and the rest is up to your taste.

The man has to get black pants, one red coat, one black hat, and black shoes. This combination is epic but relatively cheap and easy. You might not even need to spend as the clothing items may be lying comfortably in your wardrobe.

  1. Magician and Rabbit Halloween Costumes

Making your Halloween look a little bit magical is not a bad idea at all. One way to achieve this look is to check out this exciting rabbit costume. You do not necessarily have to make any purchase to rock this look; just look inwards and make do with what’s available. For the woman, if you don’t know how to do the ears thing yourself, never bother. With a small amount, you can get a ready-made one from Amazon.

Best Halloween Costume for Kids

Teenagers and kids are not left out in Halloween celebrations. In fact, they often rock the best outfits this time, thanks to their parents. Here are a few costume ideas for your kids as October 31 draws nearer.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

  1. Demon Kidnapping Costume

How do you describe something that is scary and funny at the same time? Such is the case with this costume. This picture might appear like there are two people in it but it’s not the case. That scary head of the demon and the kid’s pajama are actually fake. Learn how to come up with this costume for your kids here.

  1. Needle and Thread Costume

Imagine just how good this Halloween costume will look on your daughter. You need a prime box from Amazon to craft this out the costume. The first thing to do is to make it into a round shape by rolling it tightly. Once the rolling has produced a round shape, uncoil and check it out with your daughter.

Once you measure it with your child and you’ve arrived at the required size, it’s time to tie the yarns around it as if it were its covering. You can get the details about this Halloween costume from here.

  1. Spider Infestation Costume

Funny. Scary. Creative. Just name it! This kids’ costume is apt if your child is not arachnophobia. He can leave his peers mouth-opened in amazement of how he got about it. You only need a tattoo paper that is printable, and you can get this from Silhouettes. The prints can be washed off once the party is over.

  1. Marie Curie Costume

This is a perfect Halloween costume for your brainy daughter. Replicate a Marie Curie in her by getting her a long dress that is black. This is typical of the Nobel laureate, and she will be proud to associate herself with this eminent personality. Do not forget to include details such as some pops and messy burns, and she’ll love to remember this festival.

  1. Mason Jar Vase Costume

Who says that the mason-jar trendy flora can only be on wedding tables? It can be a perfect Halloween costume for your kids too! Utilize those empty boxes around into a nice costume and garnish it with the flower on the top. You can follow this guide for better clarity on how to make this simple but fantastic Halloween costume.

  1. Egg Carton Black Cat Costume

Are you in a hurry and you are thinking of which DIY Halloween costume will give your child a sense of belonging? Just spare some 20 minutes to make this black cat mask using the egg cartons you normally throw away after use. The full step to achieve this is highlighted here.

Parting Shot

You can truly make this Halloween the best ever by subscribing to any of our suggested costumes in this piece. One thing you would notice is that we have listed a mix of funny, simple, scary, and creepy costumes for different categories for your choice.

Many of these costumes will not cost you up to $10 if you have to spend at all. So, what are you still waiting for? Let the preparation begin in earnest. Make your choice and try it out before that day. Happy Halloween!

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