Best 12 Google Pixel 4/XL Wireless Charger in 2019

Google just launched a new phone, the Pixel 4/XL, which has some of the latest features. Wireless charging has been a feature that is quite important for people who mainly do not want the hassle of charging their phones via a USB cord. So, companies that started to roll our charging docks and charging stations. As Google has just announced its Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL phone, we can assume that it will have wireless charging. Along with that many people will be searching for the compatible wireless charges. Here we will mention some of the wireless chargers that we think are best for Google Pixel 4/XL.

Google Pixel 4/XL Wireless Charger on Amazon

As we said above, a wireless charger is an important part of a phone and it helps to make a phone much more portable. A wireless charger should have the right specifications so that it is useful for the user and along with that it should be durable. So, here are some of the best wireless chargers which are of great quality.

  1. Google Wireless Charger

This is the wireless charger that directly comes from Google and they recommend it for charging their phones. It charges up to 10 W which is perfect for Pixel 4/XL. It is made of silicone and polycarbonate which means that it has a nice build quality. The stand can be utilized for charging all Qi-compatible phones in portrait and landscape. The charger is the fastest charger for Google Pixel phones. When you keep your phone on this charger you can even turn it into a photo slideshow with the help of Google photos. The wireless charger comes with a USB C port.

  1. ESR Fast Wireless Charger

This wireless charger from ESR is one of the most affordable pieces that you can get in the market. The best thing about it is that the charger supports all Qi-compatible devices, so it will be a good option for Google Pixel 4/XL. It does contain 7.5 W fast charging and it can charge 30% faster than other chargers. You can either make the phone stand in the portrait or landscape mode and utilize your phone while it is being charged. It comes with the dual coil area as well as with all the safety certificates like overheating protection and short circuit protection.

ESR Fast Wireless Charger

  1. Seneo 10W Wireless Charger

This is another great wireless charger present in the market that supports all Qi-compatible devices. It has 10W fast charging and it is also case friendly. It does support both horizontal and vertical charging. The charging stand is set at an angle that provides you with the best viewing mode and it also has easy touch functions. So, you will able to use your phone while it is charging. The company also has great customer service and they do entertain any query from their side. The wireless charger is available in black and gold colors and it is also quite affordable.

  1. Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand 10W

Belkin is a great company that produces wireless charging stand with both portrait and landscape mode. It is compatible with most Qi Compatible devices. The charger can charge through most of the cases that are 3mm. It does have a 10W charger which means that your Google Pixel 4/XL will be charged considerably fast. The AC adapter that comes with the charging pad is of the 5-foot cord. It also comes with 3-year protection which is great. The design is sleek and looks good on the stand and it also has an LED light indicator and it even detects foreign objects for its protection.

  1. iOttie iON Wireless Plus v2 Charging Pad

This particular wireless charger is not only affordable, but it also charges all the Qi-compatible devices. The 10mm charging space is quite good and it is also able to charge with phone cases. As it has a feathered finish on it, the wireless charger feels luxurious. There is also a status light that notifies when the charging has been done. There is safety provided in this wireless charger which adds color to a place where it is kept. The device also has anti-slip silicone padding which prevents it from moving. It also has the proper heat ventilation which helps it from getting overheated.

  1. Anker Wireless Charger

If you think of getting a wireless charger for your Google Pixel 4/XL, then this one from Anker will be a good choice because it will charge the phone quite fast. You can set it up in the landscape mode and use it to watch movies or listen to music. This is a case-friendly charger, so you do need to take off the case of your phone. Along with the stand, the company also provides a 6ft USB cable and an 18-month guarantee. They also have great customer service to hear out any problems and it does have advanced safety technology.

  1. AUKEY USB C Wireless Charger

This is one of the lightest wireless chargers that you can get for your Pixel 4/XL. It has won awards because of its portable and premium design. Along with that, it is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices and it does charge quite well. The charger also contains heating protection, foreign object detection and power input monitoring. It does come with a 24-month warranty and a USB C cable. It also has an LED notification to tell you about the status of charging. Charging with this case is fuss-free and it is great if you want to charge your phone fast and comfortably.

AUKEY USB C Wireless Charger

  1. ESR Lounge Stand Wireless Charger(10W/5W)

This is another great wireless charger from ESR that you get at an affordable price. The thing about this is that the surface of this stand is textured and along with that it also sports a stand leg that is at the perfect angle and has the anti-slip property. You just need to prop up your phone vertically or horizontally and continue with your work. It is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices and has a dual coil design. It also comes with advanced safety features such as built-in overheating for providing long-lasting performances. It also has an LED light indicator that can display three lights to notify about charging status.

  1. Samsung 2-in-1 Portable Fast Charge Wireless Charger and Battery Pack 10,000 mAh

Samsung is a brand that is known for its electronic products and this is a good wireless charger from them as it is portable and can charge when it is plugged in as well. So, it is better for people who want a charger to help them on-the-go. It can give up to 10 full charges because of its good storage and when you place your phone on it, the device can provide fast charging of 7.5W. It also goes well with all Qi-compatible devices. On top of that, the device also comes with a USB C cable and warranty.

10. Vebach Dubhe1 Wireless Charger

If you have a Pixel 4/XL, then it is obvious that it is Qi-compatible and this device will be able to wirelessly charge it. You just need to keep your phone on it and the charging will take place without generating any problem. The charger is quite stable and it comes with safety measures such as over-charge protection. The company also provides a 24-month warranty which is great for an electronic device. With the device, you can also choose its placement location to turn on different settings. The design is seamless and it will also detect if any foreign body is present on it.

11. Yootech Wireless Charger

This wireless charger from Yootech has been a popular choice for people who have been using wireless charging enabled phones for a while. It is sleek and has a good build quality. Along with that, it also provides 7.5W charging, which is quite good. They recommend you to take off the case, while charging, but it can charge with cases measuring up to 4mm. The device is also sleeping friendly, so you can place your phone on the wireless charger before going off to sleep and it won’t disturb you. It also supports all Qi-certified devices which are great.

12. FULOXTECH Wireless Charger Pad

This is an amazing affordable wireless charging pad that you can go for your Google Pixel 4/XL. It is sleek and it does its job quite well. You can keep it by your bedside table or at any desk and place your phone to charge on it, the phone just needs to be Qi-compatible. The device can also detect unwanted metal objects on it. The company also provides a 12 months warranty and refund policy for this device. It does have an LED indicator to let you know when your phone has been fully charged and it does offer fast charging.

So, here are some of the wireless chargers that will work great for the new Google Pixel 4/XL. All of them are good products that they wouldn’t do any harm to the phone. Along with that, they can also be used with any Qi-compatible device, so you can use it to charge the multiple devices that support wireless charging. We hope that we were able to help you to pick a good wireless charger.

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