15 Best Apps to Get Free Music on iPhone & Android

With so many musics streaming apps online, paid and free, it is hard to find the right one to stream music without the worries of having a bad internet connection while traveling or doing any activity. Fortunately for us, there is plenty of free music streaming apps to choose from, so why spend on listening to music when you can do it for free.

Best Apps to get free music on iPhone and Android:

We have gathered a list of 15 best apps that enables you to get free music on iPhone and Android. So, without further ado, let’s get onto the list.

S. No. Free Music Apps Available on Price (per month)
1. Deezer Android and iOS Free / $9.99 – $14.99
2. Pandora Music Android and iOS Free / $4.99 – $9.99
3. iHeartRadio Android and iOS Free
4. SoundCloud Android and iOS Free / $9.99
5. Jango Radio Android and iOS Free
6. Spotify Android and iOS Free / $9.99 – $14.99
7. LiveXLive Android and iOS Free / $3.99 – $9.99
8. TuneIn Android and iOS Free / $9.99
9. Google Play Music Android and iOS Free / $9.99
10. Youtube Android and iOS Free / $11.99 – 17.99
11. Amazon Music Android and iOS Free for Amazon Prime members / $9.99 for non-prime members and $7.99 for Prime members
12. Apple Music Android and iOS 90-day free trial / $10 – $15
13. Red Bull Radio Android and iOS Free
14. Spinrilla Android and iOS Free / $0.99
15. Tidal Android and iOS 30-day free trial / $9.99 – $19.99


1. Deezer:

One of the best free music apps is Deezer. It has been around for a while and its free version enables users to use Deezer’s FLOW feature. This feature helps you discover new artists so you can listen to new mixes and playlists of your choice. The application also supports unlimited playlist creation and also lyric fetching.

Deezer is available on android and iOS, free to use and also has a premium version that costs from $9.99 to $14.99 a month. With the premium version, you can listen to better quality audio, listen offline and even have access to android auto support.

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2. Pandora Music:

If you prefer simplicity and cross-platform support, then Pandora music is for you. It has a simple interface design and it enables you to listen to your favorite music on any platform with its cross-platform support. It is an internet radio style app that creates stations based on your music preferences.

You can find Pandora Music for android and iOS. It is free to use upon user account creation. The free version is ad-supported and enables users to skip a limited number of songs per day. With the Pandora Plus plan that costs $4.99 to $9.99 a month, users can have offline stations, unlimited skips, and replays, higher quality audio, on-demand music, create playlists and use the application without ads.

3. iHeartRadio:

One of the most popular free music apps is iHeart Radio which is a radio app where you can listen to a variety of stations, seasonal radio, podcasts, talk radio, and comedy shows. Users can even listen to news and sports through AM and FM radio stations that support data streaming. It is available on both, android and iOS for free.

You can even create your own radio station based on your music taste and favorite genres. The best thing about iHeartRadio is that it is totally free, does not have ads and does not require any account creation to listen to music. It even comes with Chromecast support, android wear support and Android Auto Support.

4. SoundCloud:

SoundCloud lets you listen to music and audio for free, explore trending music and audio feeds, search for tracks and much more. With SoundCloud, you can connect with your friends and your favorite artists to listen to what they share. It enables users to personalize their listening experience by liking songs to listen, create playlists, skip tracks, and discover trending music with SoundCloud charts.

SoundCloud is free to use and includes mostly independent artists, whereas the paid version, that costs $9.99 a month, includes popular artists and their music. It currently has 125 million tracks with a variety of music, shows, podcasts, and other audio content to listen to.

5. Jango Radio:

Jango Radio is a totally free music app that lets you listen to a variety of music from popular and new artists. Independent artists are allowed to pay for playing their song which helps generate revenue for Jango, hence the app is free to listen to music.

It is a great music app to discover new music and artists with only 1 ad per day. It even allows users to personalize their music stations to play similar songs of their choice and music preference.

6. Spotify:

Spotify is one of the greatest music streaming apps that has a generous library with over 30 million tracks, 83 million users as well as amazing features. It even has the option of creating your own playlist and stations based on music preferences.

The free version is ad-supported which enables us to listen to the music of shuffle. While the premium version costs $9.99 and $14.99 for a family plan. You can download Spotify for Android and iPhone. The application also has Chromecast support.

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7. LiveXLive:

LiveXLive was previously Slacker radio but was replaced in 2019 and has a lot of the same features. Users can listen to the music of different genres on various stations and discover new music. LiveXLive also focuses more on live music and you can even fine-tune the station you’re listening to, according to your music taste.

LiveXLive is available for both Android and iOS devices. It is free with ads and for access to premium features, it costs $3.99 to $9.99 a month. By upgrading to the Plus Plan, ads can be removed, you can have access to better quality audio and an unlimited number of skips. The Premium Plan further offers offline music and on-demand audio with all the features of Plus Plan combined.

8. TuneIn:

TuneIn covers mostly radio, podcasts, comedy shows, talk shows but it also has free music you can listen to. With over one hundred thousand radio stations each and every genre is covered, even AM and FM radio stations.

It is available for both Android and iPhone devices. The free version has all features one would need to listen to music plus ads, but if you want to listen to audiobooks, live sports broadcasts, etc. without the interruption of ads, you will need to upgrade to its premium version which costs $9.99 a month.

9. Google Play Music:

Google Play Music makes it easy to play, share and discover millions of songs. It lets you play your music collection anywhere, has a radio with no limits, and creation of playlists is enabled. All music is stored online so you don’t have to worry about saving and syncing.

It is available for both, android and iOS for free, while it’s premium version costs $9.99 a month which is ad-free, has on-demand streaming, download is enabled for albums and playlists offline playback.

10. YouTube:

YouTube is the world’s most popular free music application that features music artists, bands, live shows and even local bands and artists. Official music videos can be found on YouTube, concerts, and music covers too.

With YouTube, you can create playlists, like and dislike videos, comment, share, subscribe and even upload your own music videos. It is available for both, android and iOS for free, while the premium version that does not have ads costs $13.99 a month.

11. Amazon Music:

Amazon the e-commerce giant has made Amazon music for all music fans. You can find a huge collection of music and download them for free. The music library is constantly updated so you can listen to the latest trending music and hot releases. It does not display ads and most songs also display lyrics so you can sing along with the tune.

It is available for both, android and iPhone and can also be used on Alexa which is Amazon’s Voice-Driven Digital Assistant. For Amazon Prime members it is free to use and for upgrading to Amazon Music Unlimited it is $7.99, while for non-prime members it costs $9.99 a month.

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12. Apple Music:

With Apple Music, you can have access to 50 million songs and music videos. You can even listen to your favorites offline by saving songs, create and share playlists, follow your favorite artists and genres and so much more.

It comes pre-installed in Apple iPhones and can be found on google play store for android. With its 90-day free trial, you can check out all of its features and then sign up for just $10 a month and for families $15 for six users.

13. Red Bull Radio:

Red Bull Radio is a free radio app that has global influence and audience from around the world. It features lice radio, channels that are genre-specific, and more than 50 regular programs to listen to.

It is totally free for both android and iOS. You can listen to recordings, the live stream of major music venues and much more with Red Bull Radio. s

14. Spinrilla:

If you love hip hop music, then Spinrilla is for you as they focus on the latest hip hop artists and their music. You can even turn on notifications for your favorite artist’s new music. Its library contains over 1 million songs. You can listen and share tons of great mixtapes that are released here before they official albums are released.

This music app even downloading music for offline playback anywhere. It is available in iOS and android for free and Pro Membership. The free version contains ads and for removing those ads you can upgrade to Pro Membership at a cost of just $0.99 a month.

15. Tidal:

Like Spotify, Tidal also provides access to high-quality music tracks and playlists for $9.99 to $19.99 per month with comprehensive functions, music sharing, and even offline mode. Offline mode is Tidal’s best feature which enables users to save tracks, albums, and playlists of their choice and listen anytime and anywhere.

It is available for both Android and iOS devices with a 30-day free trial, standard service that costs $9.99 a month and premium service that costs $19.99 a month which offers high-fidelity audio and unlimited streaming.


It is amazing how we live in this era where so many precious things such as listening to music are free. With the apps listed above, you are in control of when to get your favorite songs conveniently.

Let us know your favorite app to listen to free music on Android or iPhone. Leave us a comment below, we would love to hear from you.

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