Top 16 Funny Baby Toys for Boys and Girls

Baby toys are now essentials and not just for fun, as many of them help children learn many skills and develop cognitively. Since most babies can be restless also, these toys help to keep them busy and constructively engaged. If you are a nursing mother, you may be wondering what baby doll you should buy for your baby boy or girl. You need something that is, of course, affordable but not on the low side when it comes to quality. That’s why we engaged in this adventure of scouting for baby toys for girls and baby boy toys for your convenience. Depending on your budget and the your baby’s sex, you can find the appropriate toys for them from the list below.

Funny Baby Toys for Boys

1. Mr Potato Head Movin’ Lips Electronic Interactive Talking Toy – $14.99

Electronic Interactive Talking Toy

Mr Potato Head has been around for ages, and the fun derived from it has never diminished. It is still a source of constant joy to babies and even adults. This baby boy toy is so cute in that it can talk, sing, and move its lips up and down in a funny and quite entertaining way for both babies and adults. It sings its version of the hit “Lips are moving” by Meghan Trainor. With over 50 phrases and songs and two sets of lips that can create funny looks, it will be a loving toy for your baby boy with a never-ending fun at reach.

2. Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube $24.47

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

The Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube is just for your boy, churning masterpieces of classical music by Mozart and enhancing his growth. As your child touches the button of this toy, music begins to play, thereby keeping him focused. It has two levels of volume, allowing you to adjust the pitch as you deem appropriate. It is one of the best baby boy toys around and has five different instruments which include the French horn, piano, flute, harp, and the violin, and an orchestra button plays all the instruments at once.

3. Woby Hip Hop Dancing Walking Swing – $26.98

Woby Funny Toy Dancing Hip Hop Swing Goose Toy

Just by mere look, this funny-faced goose toy will keep your darling baby boy occupied for a long time during the day. If your boy grabs this toy by its neck, it struggles and yells like a human and its ability to walk is something your boy will always find amusing. It has plays music, talks, hold hands, interacts, flashes light and walks, and is suitable for baby boys between the age of one and three. With its three different hip hop music styles, your toddler can become acquainted with musical cultures even at their tender age.

4. Indestructibles: Baby Faces – $5.39

 Indestructibles Baby Faces

The Indestructible Baby Faces from its caption, “A book of happy, silly, funny faces” is a chew-proof, paper-like material, a baby toy for boys. It is lightweight and washable, and it gives the baby a fantastic childhood experience. Its design allows babies to enjoy storytelling and book reading with their hands and mouth even right from their early stage. Yes, they may chew it as it is not toxic to them in any way.

5. HOMOFY Baby Toys Funny Changeable Hammer Toys – $16.99

HOMOFY Baby Toys Funny Changeable Hammer Toys

Let your baby boy hold this hammer-like toy and feel the funny face of the doll.  He can play around with either in the house or outside. However, don’t be surprised if you see him sticking out his tongue like it. It is a baby boy toy appropriate for a child that is six months old and above. The hammer shines brightly, radiating a different spectrum of lights and sounds. It is easy to grab and hold and easy to press the head button to hear the music. So, it offers auditory, visual, and tactile stimulation to the child, enhancing his senses.

6. UROTOREO Baby Rattle – $9.99

URUTOREO Baby Rattle

The URUTOREO baby rattle comprises the baby wrist rattle, foot rattles, and finder socks set. It is a happy toy for a happy baby. It features different bright colors, eye-catching images for the infant. The bright colors and the design make the baby rattle easy to find, while the bright colors, patterns and smiling faces of the animal stimulates the baby’s vision and catch the attention of the child. It also helps the baby boy to differentiate colors and improve eye-hand coordination. The wrist rattle wraps around with simple Velcro, allowing for secure removing and fitting. The sweet sound of the animal is also enjoyable to the child and keeps him occupied and focused.

7. Woby Musical Police Car Action – $15.98

Woby Musical Police Car

This Woby Musical Police Car Action toy has two modes, which are the stationery and the drive modes. The police car is an ideal baby boy toy for interactive play, and it features a range of voice prompts and sound effects. It aids logical thinking, gross and fine motor skills, and language skills. As one of our preferred baby boy toys, it excels in features, some of which are its smiley face button, flashing light, music, and also printed words. This toy helps to build your baby’s awareness of the world he now lives. The police car toy can withstand bump, scratch, and fall, and it is strong enough for babies to play. It is appropriate for babies that are 18 months old and upward.

8. Interactive Yellow School Bus – $23.95

Interactive Yellow School Bus Musical Activity Toy

Keep your baby boy busy with this brightly-colored and interactive yellow school bus. This toy is a baby boy’s toy and features the Bump & Go feature, which allows the bus to change directions and continue moving whenever it bumps or collides with anything. It also contains the musical elements which parents can turn off. It also includes interactive games of front and back, as well as the sides of the bus. From the top, it produces animal sounds according to the book on top of the bus. The headlights and taillights also flash, catching the babe’s attention, even with the music turned off. It also encourages your child’s motor skills as he plays.

Funny Baby Toys for Girls

9. WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Cube ($14.99)

WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Cube

The funny face this Baby Shark Pinkfong toy has with its bright colors makes it one of the most delightful baby toys for girls of all ages. Once the girl squeezes it, it begins to play songs of different kinds. The pack includes the baby shark, mommy shark, and daddy shark, and everyone likes the baby shark song.

10. Woby Musical Flapping Yellow Duck ($17.98)

Educational Learning and Walking Toy

This baby toy is appropriate for baby girls. It brings joy to the face of the baby because of, at least, the bright yellow color. The toy is suitable for babies around the age of 6 to 12 months. It is not just for fun but is also educational with what is says which the baby learns as the baby plays, building the baby’s musical intelligence, gross motor development when the baby crawls around chasing the duck, as well as excellent motor development. It has several buttons, such as the start and pause buttons, which is on its head, and flashlights which help to keep the baby focused. The volume control button is also present, and it can flap its wings and rock its body.

11. Taggies Little Leaf Elephant Lovey Soft Toy ($19.99)

Taggies Little Leaf Elephant Lovey Soft Toy

With a leafy patterned fabric on its tummy and coordinating solids on its ears and feet, the Taggies Little Leafy Elephant lovey is a 12- inch toy that features ultra-soft fabrics. This baby toy for girls is the perfect size for the little hands. It is washable, and the smiles and rattles that accompany the toy is a sure way to make any baby girl happy.

12. Woby Multifunctional Musical Elephant Keyboard Piano ($15.98)

Woby Multifunctional Musical Elephant Keyboard Piano Educational Learning Light Up Toy

This doll is another on our list of baby girl toys which allows for the development of musical and excellent motor skills. The elephant produces vivid lights, with its cheeks light flickering rhythmically when playing the sound. It poses no harm to the baby because its edges are smooth. It is an appropriate baby toy for your boy or girl between 6 and 24 months, and it allows your baby to twist and turn, pull and pinch the elephant musical toys.

13. Baby Rattle Sets Teether Rattles Toys ($21.99)

Baby Rattle Sets Teether Rattles Toys

This set of toys, which comprises eight pieces is a baby toy for girls and appropriate for the neonate, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months old babe. It is easy to grasp, and the noise from the rattle attracts the baby’s attention. Also, there are varied versions of it with some sets containing the owl bottle baby rattle teether, which makes different noises and moves in different directions. Others are the bee, giraffe, horn, and elephants, which have handles which your baby girl can hold.

14. Tummy Time Baby Water Mat ($16.99)

Tummy Time Baby Water Mat, Infant Toys

Is your baby hyperactive, and does not like lying down? Tummy Time Baby water Mat is the solution. Babies do need to rest on their tummies for 10 to 15 minutes per day, at the very least. This Tummy Time Baby Water Mat is an excellent baby toy for girls, and it prevents head flat while assisting in hand-eye coordination at the same time. It also builds your baby’s motor skills. Intestinal motility also increases, promoting defecation. This mat-like toy also encourages color perception, visual development, and brain development.

15. Yiosion Musical Elephant Toy Electronic Piano Keyboard – $15.98

Elephant Toy Electronic Piano Keyboard Educational Learning

This funny looking toy is a baby toy for girls from the ages of 6 months to 3 years. It allows for interaction with the baby and also helps improve her finger dexterity while improving her motor skills through pulling, pushing, twisting, and turning. This beautiful baby girl toy also encourages musical exploration and learning through play. It also flashes a light on the elephant’s cheeks as the music plays, keeping your baby entertained.

16. Wildluvs Juno My Baby Elephant – $49.99

Wildluvs Juno My Baby Elephant

This is a wise choice of toy and is a baby toy for girls. Its design aims to help your girl cultivate the culture of training and pouring as she witnesses the big elephant pouring love on the baby elephant. With its incredible lifelike-animated trunk, expressive eyes, floppy, moving ears, and its wagging tail, it is just a source of joy. It features over 150 lifelike elephant movements and sounds. Her personality unfolds as from being shy to playful, making funny, unusual giggling sounds. It can learn to eat peanuts, play music through her trumpeting trunk, and do many more.

Bottom Line

Which of these baby toys make the most appeal to you and why? Of course, things appeal to us differently. Nonetheless, we are sure that any of these sixteen baby toys will make an excellent choice and keep your baby constructively busy while helping to build their mental health, too. Happy shopping!

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