20 Best Free Movie Apps for iPhone and Android

Smartphones with their big screens and quality displays have made it very easy to watch our favorite shows and movies almost anywhere. The portability they afford is one reason their invention is what everyone will continue to appreciate. With the right network connection, you can even connect to any TV station using their apps. Watching movies was initially expensive because, apart from the cost of data subscription, you would be required to pay to watch them. Those eras seem to have gone for good now. Several apps abound that will allow you to stream your favorite movies for free, whether on your Android or iOS device. Check 20 of the best below.

  1. Sony Crackle

Watch your preferred TV shows and Hollywood movies on this app for free. Crackle also has its Original Contents, which you can enjoy for free. Similarly, when you subscribe to their service, you can get some personalized options such as syncing a playlist or play progress that you last played, so that if you change devices, you can continue watching from where you stopped. While you can get the app from Google PlayStore and Apple’s iTunes App Store, you can also enjoy your movie directly from the official website.

Applicable OS: iOS and Android

  1. YouTube

Perhaps the most popular and frequently used of all movie apps, YouTube is a Google-owned app that contains a lot of movies of different categories. The good thing is that both the app and the contents are free. Companies or individuals that upload their videos on the app earn their compensation from the advertisements that pop up during the streaming. If you want to ditch the ads, you can download and save your movie offline. By this, you get to watch later, even without a network connection.

Applicable OS: iOS and Android

YouTube app

  1. Tubi TV

Another destination to watch free movies on your Android or iOS device is Tubi TV. With its weekly updates of movies, hardly can you run out of options. Whether it is documentary, drama, classical, or action movies, Tubi TV has all in abundance. Apart from a cable internet that you need for streaming, everything is free on Tubi TV. However, you may encounter ads while watching. It’s a means by which owners of the movies earn their compensation.

Applicable OS: iOS and Android

  1. Hotstar

Beginning from Hollywood to Bollywood, TV Shows, and other movies, Hotstar makes everything available for free. Its download is without stress, and Hotstar works perfectly on Android phones and iOS devices. While you can enjoy myriads of movies for free, Hotstar offers a premium package that further expands your movie’s horizon. With this premium account, you get to watch Hotstar’s Originals and HBO for free. Its sophistication lies in its diversity.

Applicable OS: iOS and Android

  1. Bigstar Movies

Okay, let’s tell you the downside of this app upfront. It doesn’t showcase Hollywood movies. But apart from this, the app is perfect for documentaries and foreign films. It practically places independent movies of whatever genres on your phone’s screen for free. Another plus to its credit is its compatibility with different platforms. You can use the app’s free version or activate a monthly subscription to allow you to access its full package. The subscription fee is $4.99 per month.

Applicable OS: iOS, Android, Android TV, Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, etc.

  1. Viewster

If you love Animes, Viewster is one app that will allow you to watch a lot of it. There are also plenty of movies and TV Shows on it for your delight. Watch whatever movie you want directly on the app or mark it as “Watch later” for you to come back to it. The portfolio is impressive, and you don’t need to register before using it. The app equally allows you to save a movie and watch it later.

Applicable OS: iOS and Android

  1. SnagFilms

Another legal way to watch movies on your smartphone without paying is to use the SnagFilm app. No matter what your preferred genre is, SnagFilm is a mobile app you can trust to feature it. From documentaries to films, SnagFilms treat you to the latest and most relevant. Check it out for adventure, action, and comedy series and you’d be thrilled. If you are thinking of how much it’s going to cost, relax. SnagFilms is free to use.

Applicable OS: iOS and Android

SnagFilms movie app

  1. WYNK Movies

Do you use Airtel? This app is most appropriate for you. You don’t have to do any monthly subscription, and you can watch practically any movie, including those of Bollywood and Hollywood. If you sign in with your Airtel network, this app will not use your mobile data. It’s such a big incentive to Aitel users to enjoy entertaining movies. Please, note that your eligibility to use this app without paying is only guaranteed when you buy any of Airtel’s data plans.

Applicable OS: iOS and Android

  1. Popcorn Time

This app utilizes the torrents rights present on Android and other devices to stream movies and shows. Streaming from torrents is faster than doing so from other networks. Unless there is a unique challenge with your network, the download speed is usually impressive. The only setback it has is that it does not work on iPhones.

Applicable OS: Android, Android TV, Windows, and macOS.

  1. Movie Box

If you have been looking for an alternative to ShowBox for your iPhone, this app makes a good one. The designers seem to have mastered iPhones and tailored the app after it. The TV Shows, films, and movies on it are large enough to keep you busy for months. Additional movies are added every month to keep users updated. Streaming with this app is free, and it allows you to decide which source you want to stream your preferred movie from.

Applicable OS: iOS. Android not supported.

  1. Popcorn Flix

With over seven hundred full-length films available on Popcorn Flix, it is also a dependable app for streaming free movies on smartphone devices. Many of the movies on this app star popular actors such as Kristen Stewart, Brad Pit, etc. You can search for your preferred movie by clicking on the applicable genre. Popcorn Flix’s movies are updated every day, and streaming via the app is free. However, you are likely going to see some ads while using the app.

Applicable OS: iOS and Android

Popcorn Flix movie app

  1. Crunchyroll

If you fancy animes very well, this app will give you enough of it. It has over 25,000 episodes and the latest animes spanning more than 15,000 hours. Enjoy popular titles such as One Piece,  Dragon and Naruto on your phone for free. However, there is a premium version of Crunchyroll that allows you to watch more animes and films. This app is also versatile in terms of the number of platforms it supports.

Applicable OS: iOS, Android, Xbox, PlayStation, Windows, etc.

  1. Jiocinema

Jio has created this app for its fans to watch movies for free. If you’ve got a Jio ID, all you need to benefit from this app is to download and log in. Once you sign in, you won’t be asked to register or pay any amount. Just select the movie you like and stream for free. There is an impressive list of interesting movies on this app for anyone to enjoy.

Applicable OS: iOS and Android

  1. Terrarium TV

Another app that gives you the chance to watch free movies on your smartphone is Terrarium TV. And as the name says, it also makes a lot of TV channels available for you to enjoy. You can either watch directly on Terrarium TV or use it to download a movie and watch it later. The organization and outlook of the app are very appealing, and you won’t encounter many troubles searching for your preferred title.

Applicable OS: iOS and Android

  1. Megabox HD

For high-quality HD movies, Megabox HD is the app to check out. Whatever resolution of HD you want to watch your movie in, Megabox HD supports it. You will find the interface quite intuitive and simple to navigate. Let the genres of your preferred movie guide you in your search, and it won’t take you much time before you find it. Similarly, whether you want to download and save, or you just want to stream directly, the app supports both. With Megabox HD, you can preview your selected movie and read people’s comments about it. All of these ensure that you are spending your time on the right content.

Applicable OS: iOS and Android

Freeflix HQ movie app

  1. Freeflix HQ

Again, only Android, Windows, Chromecast, and macOS users can find this movie streaming app useful. If you maintain an iOS device, you can check the next app. The movies on this app are top-notch, and it allows you to either stream directly or downloads to watch later. Unlike other apps that may need a player such as VLC to work, this app comes pre-built with its media player. It even has a calendar that allows you to track new episodes of TV shows and movies. It is such a feature-rich mobile app that will upscale your entertainment level.

Applicable OS: Android

  1. Bobby Movie

Getting this movie app on your iPhone will require that you open the official website on your phone’s Safari browser. Android users can get the APK directly by performing a Google search. Movies on this app are nicely laid out to ensure that you can easily find your choice. The movie gallery is rich and is regularly updated.

Applicable OS: iOS and Android

  1. TEATV

Get all the interesting movies you’ve always wanted to watch on this app for free. Teatv is simple to operate, and it has more than enough TV shows and movies to entertain you. If you want a display resolution up to 1080P, Teatv will ensure that. You would find its user interface very interesting and appealing.

Applicable OS: Only on Android devices.

  1. Underanime

This app has some similarities with Crunchyroll. Of course, you can depend on it for excellent animes and TV shows. It allows you to select what display quality you want, and it notifies you when new ones are available.

Applicable OS: Android only

  1. Showbox

With more than 10 million users of this app, you can see just how popular it is. Showbox is native to Android devices and is enriched with tons of movies and TV shows for users’delight. Although several users report that they get error messages intermittently, many of them still stick to the app because of its vastness. There is a Showbox for iOS devices. As such, iPhone users can enjoy its many movies and TV shows for free.


It’s a long list sort of. The essence is to curate the many movie apps flooding the App Store of Android and iOS so that you only have the very best to choose from. As you may expect, Android devices seem to have more movie apps running on it than iOS. That can be attributed to its wide acceptance among many users.

All the 20 free movie apps listed in this piece have been affirmed great and dependable. You only need one or two of them to get the movie of your choice. Selection should be simple now that you have the best before you.

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