20 Best Fall Vacation Spots in USA/Canada/Mexico 2020

This article describes the best fall vacation spots and the top places to visit nearby. If you are looking sites to hang loose, this guide offers an opportunity to luxuriate in places you probably will never visit during peak seasons.

We all have different tastes for different regions. Would you feel the same touring the best fall vacations in the US and Mexico?

Due to countries climatic, cultural and architectural differences, this article is subdivided into three parts:

  • Best fall vacation spots in the US
  • Best cheap vacation spots for couples in Canada
  • Best fall vacation spots east coast Mexico

So, to find the best cheap contemporary beach resorts, valleys and cosmopolitan destinations, let’s dive get started.

Best Fall Vacation Spots in the US

Fall Vacation Spots in the US

1. San Diego

San Diego a Californian city lies on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The cool and wet climatic conditions along the coastal beaches offer charming relaxing places anyone would admire.

Among the inexpensive touristic spots to visit in San Diego include the Balboa Park, the SeaWorld San Diego, San Diego Zoo and the USS Midway Museum. The sight of the largest naval ships cruise the deep waters and the migration of grey whales are some of the experiences you’ll live to tell.

The sunbathing seal on the coastline white sands on La Jolla and the trail winds are worth your fall vacation.

2. Asheville, NC

Asheville is to the west of North Carolina. It’s a vibrant city with historic hotels and restaurants to keep your stomach asking for more. There are over five renowned cheap vacation spots within and without the Asheville NC for you enjoy to leisure.

From the Baltimore village at the entrance of Baltimore to the Americas gilded George W. Vanderbilt’s art gallery are great learning sites to learn the old culture.  Trailing at the beautiful and colourful the Blue Ridge Mountains will cost you nothing but live a little.

The picturesque Asheville Mountains and the never-ending music festivals by some of the world’s greatest artists and musicians will keep you amused the entire vacation.

3. Jackson Hole 

Choosing Jackson Hole for your fall vacation in the US will introduce you to deep valleys with fur-bearing animals. The best spots you should not miss at Jackson Hole include Jackson Town Square, Snow King Mountain Resort, Barker-Ewing White Water and National Elk Refuge.

Jackson Hole is located to the west of United States between the Gros Ventre Range and Teton Mountain Range. Jackson Hole Wyoming weather drops to negative, especially at nights.

Don’t leave heavy jackets behind if you intend to stay out late at Jackson Hole Playhouse. You can warm yourself in the morning at the Granite Hot Springs.

4. Yosemite

At Mariposa County in California lies the best fall vacation spot known as Yosemite National Park.   There are plenty of things to do at Yosemite. When did you last go fishing, horse riding, rock climbing, golfing or rafting? Don’t limit your vacation leisure activities for there are plenty of other amusing things to do at Yosemite.

The Yosemite Falls, Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias, Yosemite museums and Bridalveil fall are a must-visit. Sitting on the snow-white rocks of the Merced River or walking along the thick tall trees of the riverbed will create remarkable memories for many years.

5. Boston

You can imagine the historic monuments, sites and artistic collections from a city that has remained vibrant since 1630. The Freedom Trail explicitly describes American historic revolutionary wars.

Boston is Massachusetts largest town and capital city. The Massachusetts State House located at Beacon Hill is a tourist attraction landmark.

To make spice up your stay in Boston, plan to spend a day or two in these places: the historic indoor-outdoor Faneuil Hall Marketplace, the colourful Boston Common, Museum of Fine Arts and the New England Aquarium which is home to 2,000+ animals.

6. Denver 

Spending a day jumping off from the Ski resorts in Denver, Colorado should welcome you to the never-ending vacation spots. Taking a self-drive trip to the east, west, south or north, you’ll find fascinating places around this capital city.

Which are you the top things to do in Denver to admire? Exploring Downtown Aquarium and the Water World will refresh you, biological species classes, back in high school. Other places worth visiting every trip include Denver Botanic Gardens, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre and Forney Museum of Transportation.

It will be interesting riding through the neighbourhoods of the charming Cherry Greek and Larimer Square District.

7. San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge is probably the most popular site in the entire San Francisco County. To locate the San Francisco, the tallest building on sight is the Transamerica pyramid. This is a hill city surrounded by the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

Canoeing to the historic Alcatraz penitentiary on Alcatraz Island will make you visualize the horrific tales in the movie The Birdman of Alcatraz. Fisherman’s Wharf is a popular tourist destination that would constitute the best fall vacations in the US.

Best Cheap Vacation Spots for Couples in Canada

Cheap Vacation Spots in Canada

8. Victoria, BC

Victoria BC is among the top cheap fall vacations in Canada that’s highly suitable for outdoor activities. This is the capital city of British Colombia and is located to the Southern part of Vancouver Island along Canada’s the Pacific Ocean.

If you’ve never gone near the British Columbia Parliament Buildings or the Miniature World, this your best opportunity. The fantastic Butchart Gardens and Beacon Hill Park, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and the scenic tours at Victoria harbour ferry are scenic sites to pen on your notebook.

9. Vancouver

Vancouver is popular for its best fall beach vacations in all four seasons. It’s a bustling coastal city located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. You might encounter some of the world’s top actors as it’s a popular filming destination.

Things to do in Vancouver include visiting Stanley Park, walking along the Capilano Suspension Bridge and spending a day at the Science World at TELUS World of Science among others. Explore the enticing cuisines in the palatial hotels and restaurant along the coastline.

10. The Laurentian Mountains, Quebec

To the Southern region of Quebec, Canada is the many peaks and lakes of the Laurentian Mountains. The Laurentian Mountains skiing activities laced with dining at Hotel Mont-Tremblant make it a vibrant destination to newlywed couples.

If you want to see the oldest mountain ranges with rocks deposited over 540 million years ago, spare some little dollars to spend at The Laurentian Mountain range.

11. Algonquin Park, Ontario

In Ontario, Canada is the popular attraction of the Algonquin Provincial Park which makes it a buzz of activities all year round. The hiking trails, evergreen nature, animal parks and wild animals contribute to the high number of daily visitors to this park.

There are lively things to do in Algonquin Park. Among them include canoeing at the Canoe Lake, exploring the Algonquin, having morning views at the coloured leafy Lookout Trails and spending a few hours on the Lake of Two Rivers.

12. Prince Edward Island 

Prince Edward Island is to the eastern part of Canada’s Maritime province. This is where to find top fall vacation deals for couples or over 21years.

Their main characteristics are the red-sand beaches and lighthouses. Are you a great fan of seafood? Mussels and lobsters are always served fresh from the lake.

The great Prince Edward Island National park and the green Gambles Heritage place constitute the best touristy spots. The ancient 1834 Stanley Government House is an admiration to every visitor.

13. The Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

This peninsula offers the best fall beach vacations along its coastline. It’s located between the main basin of Lake Huron and Georgia Bay. Accessing this island is done on rigid inflatable boats and cruises.

Tobermory is the leading destination in the Bruce Peninsula due to its white-sand beaches and its two national parks: Fathom Five National Marine Park and Bruce Peninsula National Park.

Among the things to do at the Bruce Peninsula are sunbathing at the peninsula shores and cruising to Flowerport Island with boat tours and cruises.

14. Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

The Manitoba escarpment wall, green vegetation and the tall trees constitute the now-famous Riding Mountain, National Park.  Visiting the scenic Whirlpool Lake and the bright flowered Wishing Well-Clear Lake keep you moderated through the vacation.

All visitors usually take a self-ride to Saint Boniface, the historic Assiniboine Park Zoo and the modern Canadian Museums for Human Rights.

Best Cheap Fall Vacation Places Mexico

Cheap Fall Vacation Places Mexico

15. Puebla Mexico

To the east-central of Mexico is Puebla City which is historically known for its culinary, pottery and colonial architectural designs. In fact, the libraries here will introduce you to some of the rare historic books never found elsewhere on this earth.

Don’t forget to visit Catedral de Puebla any day of your choice. The sight of the zoo while on Africam Safari tours will be a perfect fusion of the African and Mexico culture.

16. Cabo San Lucas

Looking for fall beach vacations before peak Christmas season? Cabo San Lucas is largely known for its water-based activities and long beaches. It’s found at the southern part of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula.

It’s referred to as resort city due to the high number of hotels, restaurants and resorts all at the shores of the peninsula. The things to do here include spending a day at the shoreline of Playa El Médano, climbing the Arch of Cabo San Lucas and golfing at  Quivira Golf Club.

17. Punta Mita Mexico

Hope you love fishing as much as I do! Punta Mita sits on the peninsula of Banderas Bay. It’s referred to as a fishing village because the major thing done by both the tourists and natives is fishing.

Other things to do at Punta Mita is resting at the balconies of El Barracuda Punta Mita and traversing the waters of Eco Aventours with motorboats. The luxury resorts are the region’s center of tourist attraction.

18. Santa Maria Huatulco, Mexico

The Huatulco hotels are among the top fall vacation deals when planning a trip for two or a family. The Huatulco foods prepared by expert chefs are just wonderful.

Santa María Huatulco is located to the southern part of Mexican State of Oaxaca. Along its pacific coast is the Huatulco National Park.

If you choose a rental home Huatulco’s coastal neighbourhood, shopping at Pochutla Market will offer a great experience and you never know whom you’ll to interact with.

19. Mexico City

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico. The 13th-century Aztec temple forms part of the city’s heritage destinations on every fall vacation. It’s a densely populated town with hundreds of cheap fall vacation spots.

The historic Centre of Mexico City, the Zocalo featuring the prominent plaza used for events and the Frida Khalo Museum area must visit buy every tourist.

Other amusing things to do in Mexico City are taking photographs at the National Palace, worshipping at the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral and taking a ride at Six Flags Mexico amusement park.

20. Tulum Mexico

This municipal town lies on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula along the Coastline of the Caribbean. The castle of El Castillo is the town’s main attraction center. The mangroves on the shores provide natural sheds while sunbathing with the white sands.

The sumptuous restaurants in the thickets of the shores and its 1,000 years aged ruins are remarkable sites you shouldn’t miss. Other notable exciting places in Tulum to add to your days fall vacation plan include Gran Cenote, Paradise Beach and the Parquet National de Tulum.


There are many fascinating places you can visit every season. However, the majority of these tourist destinations never offer discounts nor reduce prices at any season.

The sites above offer the best fall vacation spots you should visit.

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