20 Best Edible Christmas Gifts in 2020

As soon as we enter the EMBER months, one big moment everyone looks up to is Christmas. It is a season of festivity and an elaborate exchange of gifts in most places around the world. And now that December 25 is calling, how do you hope to handle the food demands of your friends and family?

Do you intend to package and send edible gifts to your loved ones this season? Well, food items remain one of the best ways to share love, and we have 20 of such that you can try out to make 2019 Christmas a memorable one. We equally have ideas on how to package them so that your recipients will appreciate it immensely. Let’s begin.

  1. Gingerbread Stained Glass Biscuits

This is suitable for your vegetarian family members and friends. It is a gingerbread biscuit that has the appearance of stained-glass at its center. To bake this pretty biscuit, you would need a large egg that has been slightly beaten, unsalted butter (100g), ground ginger (about 3 teaspoonfuls), brown sugar (175g), golden syrup (85g), Bicarbonate of Soda, and white icing for decorating it. You can find the detailed process of baking this bread on this link. It is such a beautiful yummy delight that your folks cannot resist.

  1. Sandwich Cookies

It’s not by mistake that everyone likes special Oreo. Its citrus cream that is fluffy and light, coupled with its winter spices that are warming are things many people cannot let go. Treat your family members differently this Christmas by serving them either the Winter-Spice Sandwich Cookies that have orange cream, or the Bittersweet-Chocolate Sandwich Cookies that have raspberry preserves. Any of these two is a great way of partying during this festive mood, and you can get the full list of how to make it here.

  1. Freshly Popped Popcorn Gift Basket

Bring smiles to everyone’s face this yuletide season with this homemade popcorn nicely packed in amazing popcorn containers. It is a good snack to keep the mouth busy when seeing a movie or just having a walk. Do you need the recipe and a short tutorial on how to prepare it? Follow the link here. It is natural for popcorns to be sweet. However, you can step things up and make yours more original by using coconut seasoning to increase its sweetness and savor.

Freshly Popped Popcorn Gift Basket

  1. Salted Caramels

Caramels, especially salted ones, are the candy of choice for many people. Its chewy and soft nature stand it out from among other candies. Homemade Salted Caramels can even be more appealing than purchasing it. That’s because you can vary its ingredients and control its final outlook. The major ingredients are corn syrup (optional), heavy cream, brown sugar, and granulated sugar. However, you can include some other spices according to your wish. Once you can stir properly and have more-than-average baking skills, you can surely bake this at home, otherwise, Amazon can be of help.

  1. English Garden Cocktail

Instead of looking around for a nice gin this Christmas, you can actually make one for yourself and as gifts for your loved ones. There are different recipes in this wise depending on your likes and taste. However, for the English Garden Cocktail, you need cucumber, gin, and elderflower.

Once these three principal ingredients are available, you only need to determine the number of people you want to serve and multiply this in a Jug Cocktail. Just put all the ingredients (except cucumber) in a sealed container and shake thoroughly. Strain out the resulting liquid into a sufficiently large glass cup containing ice and add the cucumber ribbons. Your English Garden gin is ready.

  1. Cornbread for Two Gift Baskets

Ordinarily, gifting someone a piece of cheesy cornbread for Christmas is a fantastic idea in itself. But with this package, you get to spice it up with self-made honey butter and diced jalapeños. With an orange marmalade that is served in a very cute jar, it is such a gift package that no one would want to say no to. The basket makes it more attractive and inviting to your friends. You can get information about the ingredients and detailed method of preparation here.

  1. Christmas Truffles

Christmas truffles are perfect edible gifts for children and even adults. It becomes even more befitting when packed in a beautiful box as shown above. Its essential ingredients include cocoa powder, luster powder, chopped nuts, flavorless oil, unsalted butter, and double cream. With two packs of these truffles, you can keep your children’s Christmas party going and fill their friends’ mouth with yumminess that they would not forget very soon. With these three simple steps, you can prepare your Christmas truffles by yourself. But suppose you don’t have the time, you can order it at a nearby grocery.

Christmas Truffles

  1. Chocolate Cookie Pizza

As you pick up this chocolate cookie, you would observe that the external part is crunchy while the internal part is chewy. This makes it a delight of everyone that has ever tasted it. You can request the assistance of your other family members to make this edible Christmas gift because doing it alone can be a bit demanding. However, when it is done, everyone will be glad of what their effort has produced. Check through this link for a detailed explanation of how to prepare this giant cookie and get everyone happy this approaching December. For presentation as a gift, you can wrap and send it in a pizza box.

  1. Santa Cake

Since Christmas is about Santa Clause, there should also be a Santa cake to celebrate it too. The good news is that you don’t have to get to Rome to get Santa cake. Just within an hour, you can bake the cake using our recipe. The only major skill you need to do this cake is a good mixing ability and all your friends and family members will have a taste of its goodness. Wrap it in a good cellophane paper and give it to that person that matters to you this yuletide period.

  1. Gingerbread-Pear Loaf

You have probably heard of gingerbread cookies before or tasted it. But guess what? This loaf is its “big brother.” It is not just about its big size which, of course, is a big plus but the satisfaction it brings, especially to your foodie friends and loved ones. It is a befitting edible Christmas gift you can present to anyone after you have dressed it in pans with strips of vintage ornaments, parchment paper, and tinsel. Its recipe alone speaks volumes about the nutritional benefits of the bread.

  1. Christmas Chutney

Like most typical wine, this Christmas Chutney gets merrier and better with age. It is a Christmas gift perfect for a friend or family member who is on a monitored diet. Regulatory bodies have certified it gluten-free, and you can serve it alongside cold cuts or cheese. Of course, it needs special attention while preparing it, and you can get the complete guide for this here. Make sure you keep extra jars for yourself as it can stay several days without getting spoilt.

Christmas Chutney

  1. Red Velvet Snowballs Food Gift

You can actually make this Christmas season snow for your loved ones by preparing these edible and sugary snowballs. For its packaging, you only need egg cartons which are often not expensive. Wrap it with vintage ornaments and your recipient will appreciate it immensely. You can check here for the ingredients and directions to prepare this edible Christmas gift. If everything is available and you correctly follow the steps, you should be done preparing this homemade snowballs in less than an hour.

  1. Florentine Biscuits

Normally, biscuits are stapled foods for young folks and even many adults. So, you can capitalize on this by making this Florentine biscuit by yourself this December. The principal ingredients you’ll need are plain flour, caster sugar, salted butter, and ground cinnamon. If you are not experienced at baking, you may need to follow the instructions on how to bake Florentine biscuits. For packaging, a cellophane wrapper with minimal ornament is okay, and you can present it with pride as your edible Christmas gift for the one you so much care about.

  1. Triple Chocolate-Hazelnut Cookies

Do you have ardent lovers of chocolate as friends or family members? You can satisfy their tongues and make them happy this Christmas by making these Triple Chocolate-Hazelnut cookies. The recipe is quite easy to come by, and it does not require any more than cellophane to package. Your friends can consume it straight away or keep it for a while. That’s because if it is properly baked, it can stay fresh for several days.

  1. Chili-Infused Oil

Whether for body massage or for cooking, infused oil will remain a gift every home would want to welcome during this yuletide season. It is a way of transferring aroma or scent to what a person is cooking or to the body through massage. However, because the oil can easily evaporate, it is advisable that you don’t produce more than you intend to use or share within a month. The major ingredients of this infused oil are Dried Red Chilles (about 8) and 350 ml of olive oil. Once you follow the steps as highlighted here, you can complete your Chilli-infused oil in minutes.

  1. Blackberry Whiskey

One cheap way to spice up your Christmas party this year is to go there with a bottle of homemade blackberry whiskey. It is particularly perfect as a Christmas gift for your significant order. For the ingredients, you can go for an affordable scotch (blended) and Cardamom or any other toasted spices that you can use to infuse it. Check this link for full information on the recipe and preparation method.

Blackberry Whiskey

  1. Chocolate Honeycomb

Activate the honey tooth of your friends this December with this honeycomb-infused chocolate. The required ingredients are white, dark, and milk chocolates, Bicarbonate of Soda, caster sugar, and cream of tartar. It is such a fun gift to present, especially if your friends love honeycomb and chocolates. Good enough, its recipe is very handy, and you can finish its preparation in minutes.

  1. Flavored Salt

Salt is perhaps the commonest and most basic seasoning anyone can use. You can make a gift out of it by including wild mushrooms, garam masala, or ancho chilies into it. Once this is done, a perfect packaging featuring a well-typed label will make it look like a huge December package to your loved ones. Of course, you can always scout for inexpensive packaging bottles around you or online. The recipes too, do not have to be expensive as they can readily be found around.

  1. Ginger Shortbread

Apart from merriment and partying that the yuletide period affords, another thing that most people enjoy during this period is enough time to rest. While you are under the tree observing your quiet time or meditating, what can be as good as a piece of ginger shortbread and a cup of tea or mulled wine? It is a good companion that your friends would appreciate should you decide to gift them this Christmas. A few pieces of them are enough for lunch, and if properly kept, it can last for a few days. Do you need further explanation on how to make this at home? You can check here.

  1. Gourmet Marshmallows

Some of the things that make this delicacy a gift-worthy item are its mature flavors, the presence of lavender and coffee, and its appealing look. With some pieces of glassine bag with beautiful ribbons at the tip, whet your family’s appetite this Christmas season by making it at home for them. It melts easily upon landing on the tongue, and if produced according to the guide here, this gourmet marshmallow would leave a delightful impression on the taste buds for a while.

In a Nutshell

The way you package any gift is as important as the content of the gift itself. In all, one of the things you would have observed as you read through this piece is that a beautiful package can add a lot of weight to the gift in themselves. So, you must take the packaging aspect very seriously.

Any of our best 20 edible Christmas gifts would fly this 2019, but to make the highest impression on your friends, you should tailor the gift after the needs of your friends or family members. Know what they love the most so that your DIY effort will be highly appreciated.

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