Top 12 Best Phone for Ladies 2019

With the new year up ahead, 2019 is coming to an end which has seen some seriously amazing phones released by the big players in the smartphone industry. The phones got amazing features and configurations all packed into one.

If you’re a lady and want to buy a phone, we have curated a list of the best 12 phones that were released in 2019. Phones with beautiful design and amazing features are described in this list which will help you make the decision.

Following are the 12 best phones for ladies in 2019:

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1. Samsung Galaxy S10: – $799.99

The gorgeous Samsung Galaxy S10 is perfect for all the girls with its immersive cinematic display. It has wireless PowerShare which enables you to charge your friend’s phone and yours when needed just by placing them on top of each other.

It features a pro-grade triple-lens camera that captures high-quality images with epic clarity. Moreover, it’s Ultrasonic fingerprint ID and first-touch unlock sensor works seamlessly and keeps your data secure. The phone is a bit expensive but with its next-generation features, it is a luxury you need. You can buy this phone on Amazon from Samsung’s official seller account.

Samsung Galaxy S10

2. Google Pixel 4: – $799

Next is the Google Pixel 4 which is undoubtedly the best phone for the Ladies. Why? Because it captures amazing studio-like photos with an 8-megapixel front camera and 16-megapixel rear camera.

With advanced motion sensors and face unlock, you can keep your precious photos safe and secure. You can get things done with a wave motion without touching the screen. Multitasking is made easy with the Google Pixel 4. You can buy this phone from Google’s official store and even buy amazing accessories for your google pixel 4.

Google Pixel 4

3. iPhone 11 Pro: – $599

Apple never fails to impress whenever it launches a new phone, therefore iPhone 11 Pro is one of the best phones released in 2019 for the ladies. With the new generation triple camera system, greater battery life, sleek stainless steel and glass design you can wow your friends and show off your phone’s epic features.

Face ID unlock is enabled, so you never have to worry about your phone’s data being compromised. This one of a kind iPhone captures 4k videos with amazing detail and real bright colors smoothly and watch them in the ultra-dynamic display. You can buy this phone from Apple’s official website.

iPhone 11 Pro

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: – $1,199.99

The Samsung galaxy note 10+ comes in three spectacular colors: Aura Black, Aura White, and Aura Silver. It has a 6.8” cinema-quality nearly bezel-less Infinity display with a battery that lasts longer than your day. So, if you’re a busy lady this phone is perfect for you as it has all the fancy features you can think of.

With 12 GB RAM and 512 GB storage space plus expandable memory, you can keep all your data safe in one phone and never worry about storage space. It also has super-fast charging, PowerShare and comes with a next-generation S pen. You can buy this phone on Amazon from Samsung’s official seller account.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

5. Sony Xperia 5: – $769.00

Sony Xperia 5 is perfect for ladies who like to binge-watch movies and tv shows because it has a wide OLED 6.1” cinema-wide display. The triple camera enables professional image quality with a sharp focus.

Other than that, its design is sleek and stylish for the ladies and comes in 4 different colors to choose from: black, blue, red and grey. You can buy this phone on Amazon from Sony’s official seller account.

Sony Xperia 5

6. Oneplus 7 Pro: – $574.50

Oneplus 7 Pro beats its competition with incredible features and a lower price. It comes with 8 GB RAM, 256 GB storage space and Snapdragon 855 processor. The amazing features make it best for the ladies with the brightest display and a pop-out retracting selfie camera.

It is one of a kind which has a notch-less screen and no camera pointed at your face all the time. You can buy this phone on Amazon from Oneplus’s official seller account.

Oneplus 7 Pro

7. Google Pixel 3: – $599

Another top pick for the ladies is google pixel 3. With super-fast and all-day charging, you can use this phone to capture amazing photographs, take group selfies with your friends and much more.

You can get google assistant to do your work for you and track your screen time for keeping your mind fresh and healthy. You can buy this phone from Google’s official store and even buy amazing accessories for your google pixel 3.

Google Pixel 3

8. Original Oppo Reno: – $612.22

The original Oppo Reno with its unique design is a hit with the ladies. It is available in green and black color. With a 6.6” screen and a triple camera, this phone is spectacular for entertainment and photography.

The 93.1% screen to body ratio enables you to view your screen without interruptions and offers a distraction-free experience. Moreover, it also has fingerprint protection and an 8 Megapixel front camera to take beautiful selfies. You can buy this phone on Amazon from the OPPO dealer’s seller account.

Original Oppo Reno

9. HUAWEI P30 Pro: – $689.99

With P20s success last year, this year Huawei launched the P30 Pro with even more advanced features and amazing design. If you’re looking to buy a phone that captures amazing photographs, then this is for you.

Its features include triple cameras for amazing photography, flagship Kirin 980 processor, curved screen display, fingerprint recognition technology and much more. Moreover, it is even dust and water-resistant, and also supports reverse wireless charging. You can buy this phone on Amazon from Huawei’s official seller account.


10. Huawei Mate 20 Pro:

Huawei is known for its awesome camera features and the Huawei mate 20 pro is perfect for you because it has a triple rear camera with 40+8+20 megapixels. It can take panorama, HDR, dual-LED dual-tone flash photographs.

The phone has a 6.39-inch OLED capacitive screen with an octa-core processor to enable smooth use of applications. Face ID and fingerprint unlock guarantees the safety of your data and keeps your phone secure. You can buy this phone on Amazon from Huawei’s official seller account.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

11. Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro: – $379.99

The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro is packed with snapdragon 855 chip, amazing battery life, 6GB RAM with 128 GB storage and is extremely affordable compared to others. Its AI triple camera with 48, 13 and 8-megapixel cameras can take spectacular shots with ease.

The phone also has fingerprint recognition technology that makes the phone more secure. Moreover, its front popup camera with 20 megapixels enables the ladies to take beautiful selfies solo and with friends. You can buy this phone on Amazon from Xiaomi’s official seller account.

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

12. Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite: – $292.49

The Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite has a wonderful 6.39” AMOLED display with a light, slim design and long-lasting battery to use without the worry of charging your phone. It has an ultra-high-resolution AI triple camera with 48 megapixels.

The price is incredibly low for such amazing features and is perfect for all the ladies to capture amazing photos and protect data with fingerprint unlock. It comes in onyx grey and pearl white color. You can buy this phone on Amazon from Xiaomi’s official seller account.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite


So, have you found the perfect phone to buy? Let us know in the comments below and tell us what feature is most important for you when looking for a phone to buy.

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