11 Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases for Girls of 2020

iPhone 11 pro cases for girl

With the evolution of smartphones, they have gotten so expensive but also important. The same is for the iPhone 11 Pro, which has a beautiful and elegant design with amazing features that requires you to use it daily.

If you have just bought your iPhone 11 pro and you need to protect it from scratches and accidental drops. Therefore, we have collected the 10 best iPhone 11 pro cases, especially for girls.

These high-quality elegantly designed cases will not only protect your iPhone 11 pro from damages but also enhance its beauty.

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1. Liquid Silicone iPhone 11 Pro Case:

Brand: Miracase

Price: $12.99

If you like simple colors, then this case is perfect for you. The Miracase iPhone 11 Pro Liquid silicone case is made with high-quality liquid silicone rubber that has a soft feel. It provides full-body protection to your iPhone 11 Pro with supported wireless charging.

USP: Full Body Protection

Colors Available: Navy Blue, Black, Clove Purple, Lavender Grey, Midnight Green, Pink, Red, Sand Pink, and Wine Red.

Liquid Silicone iPhone 11 Pro Case

2. Bling Glitter Marble iPhone 11 Pro Case:


Price: $11.99

This Bling Glitter Marble iPhone 11 Pro Case is perfect for girls because it provides protection with extra bling. It is elegantly designed with flexible TPU and IMD technology that protects your iPhone from scratches and bumps.

USP: Glitter Marble Design

Colors Available: Blue, Black, Purple, Rose Gold, Gold, Rose Gold Blue, Silver, White Black, White Gold, White Pink, and White Rose Gold.

Bling Glitter Marble iPhone 11 Pro Case

3. Mandala Galaxy iPhone 11 Pro Case:

Brand: Lam case

Price: $9.99

This case is perfect for girls with its eye-catching mandala design and high-quality material that provides the ultimate protection. This case further enhances the beauty of your iPhone, so you can show it off to your lady friends and keep your iPhone protected at all times.

USP: Exquisite Design

Colors Available: Mandala/Galaxy and Life Tree.

Mandala Galaxy iPhone 11 Pro Case

4. Flower Design iPhone 11 Pro Case:


Price: $15.99

This cute and colorful iPhone 11 Pro Case is perfect for girls. The beautiful flowers compliment the iPhone 11 Pro and make more beautiful than it already is. Other than that, a high-quality TPU case fits perfectly and protects your phone from all sides.

USP: Floral Design

Colors Available: Silent Forest/Pink, Petite Flowers/Pink, Peach Blossom / Pink, Flowering / Reseda Green, Summer Blossom/Yellow, Sunflowers / Yellow, and Sunflowers/White.

Flower Design iPhone 11 Pro Case

5. Pink Flowers iPhone 11 Pro Case:

Brand: YeLoveHaw

Price: $7.99

This decent looking iPhone 11 Pro Case from YeLoveHaw is for you if you’re looking for something to impress your friends. The case is ultra-light and fits perfectly with your iPhone providing full protection. Show off your fashion sense with this stylish and chic case, while keeping your iPhone safe at all times.

USP: Ultra-Light

Colors Available: Pink Grey.

Pink Flowers iPhone 11 Pro Case

6. Glitter Heart iPhone 11 Pro:

Brand: Vena

Price: $12.99

The combination of glitter and heart design will make your iPhone 11 Pro stand out. You can use this glittery case for any occasion and protect your phone. It has dual-layer protection with a corner guard to minimize damage from drops and bumps.

USP: Corner Guard

Colors Available: Rose Gold and Teal.

Glitter Heart iPhone 11 Pro

7. HD Clear iPhone 11 Pro Case:


Price: $16.89

This gorgeous clear design is made to protect the iPhone 11 Pro from impact damage and scratches. It is made with high-quality material that ensures that the case doesn’t get yellow even after a long period of use. It offers 200% more protection from shocks and scratches, so you can use your iPhone without the fear of damaging it.

USP: Anti-Yellowing

Colors Available: Black, Midnight Green, and Transparent.

HD Clear iPhone 11 Pro Case

8. Marble iPhone 11 Pro Case:


Price: $15.99

This marble case is compatible with the iPhone 11 Pro and gives off an elegant and colorful look while protecting your phone from damage. It is a sleek and slim fit design with the additional bulk. The case is shock-absorbing from collisions and impacts. This case offers the most reliable case for the protection of your iPhone with convenient use.

USP: Marble Design

Colors Available: White/Gold/, Sand Red, Nero Marquina/Black, Green/Gold, Blanco/Grey, and Agaria/cyan.

Marble iPhone 11 Pro Case

9. Cute Marble iPhone 11 Pro Case:

Brand: Velvet Caviar

Price: $29.99

This pretty and protective case for your iPhone 11 Pro will stand out in the crowd. The designs are hand-drawn by city artists in New York which makes them one of a kind. It is made with the highest-quality material to ensure that your iPhone is protected from accidental bumps and drops.

USP: Cute Colorful Design

Colors Available: Holo Moonstone Marble, Blue Opal Marble, Dusty Rose Floral, Floral Rose Gold, Green Marble, Holo Black Marble, Nude Camo, Nude Vintage Floral, Pink Marble, Purple Marble, Red Camo, Snow Leopard, Violet Sky Marble, White Marble Rose Gold, Yellow Floral, and Yellow Snakeskin.

Cute Marble iPhone 11 Pro Case

10. Leather iPhone 11 Pro Case:


Price: $18.99

If you love leather then this case is perfect for you. It has a smooth and comfortable synthetic leather exterior that protects your iPhone 11 pro from scratches. The case has a good grip and is pocket-friendly. Raized bezels keep the screen and camera protected. It has a high-quality soft microfiber lining to protect your phone from scratches upon accidental impacts.

  • Smooth synthetic leather exterior for daily grip and pocket-friendliness
  • Soft microfiber lining keeps phone scratch-free

USP: Leather Exterior

Colors Available: Meyer Lemon, Forest Green, Black, Taupe, and Saddle Brown.

Leather iPhone 11 Pro Case

11. Flowers iPhone 11 Pro Case:

Brand: Hosgor

Price: $12.99

This case is combined with style and usefulness with its unique and beautiful design. It is made with a high-quality PC that protects your phone from accidental drops, collisions, and scratches. It is equipped with an elastic band for holding it in your ring finger comfortably. This can be the perfect gift for your family and friends that own an iPhone 11 Pro.

USP: Ring Bracket

Colors Available: Peony, Flamingo, Rose, Strelitzia, Sunflower, Grass, Leopard and Palm Leaf.

Flowers iPhone 11 Pro Case


It is essential that you keep your iPhone protected from accidental drops and impacts by keeping it in a high-quality case.

We hope this article helped you find a beautiful and stylish case for your iPhone 11 Pro. Leave us a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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