The 10 Best AirPods Pro Case Covers of 2019

AirPods Pro Case Covers

Enjoying cool and noiseless music has just got better with the AirPods Pro released by Apple some months back. Apart from its portability, the sound separation, extended battery life, seamless connection to Apple and Bluetooth devices, wireless charging, and others are something that even critics are finding hard to oppose. It is a big improvement over AirPods 1 and 2 earlier released.

But be that as it may, AirPods Pro can easily be misplaced, even with its wireless case. And beyond misplacement, other mechanical and non-mechanical damages can occur to it if you don’t properly “house it.” These include damages resulting from shock, scratches, bumps, and falls. Any of these can set your $249 investment ablaze if you don’t guard against them.

So, you must be interested in AirPods Pro Case covers to carry and protect your AirPods Pro Charging case, aren’t you? If the answer is in the affirmative, why not go through this piece and select any of our 10 suggested cases for yourself? Let’s begin.

  1. ESR Metro Protective Leather Case– $13.99

ESR Metro Protective Leather Case

As evident from its picture above, this protective case is tough externally, but its interior is built with faux leather that is both smooth and stylish. Its compatibility with AirPods Pro Charging Case is superb, as the lid closes firmly and securely. What’s more? You can safely carry it with you anywhere because it has a keychain and free key ring that has been built with it. So, no more anxiety about getting your Airpods Pro misplaced while on a journey. Furthermore, because its cutouts are very precise, you can charge wirelessly, even while this case is still on. While charging is taking place, check out its progress through the Visible Front LED hole. It is such an amazing cover that only costs $14.

  1. Spigen Silicon Fit for Apple AirPods Pro Case– $13.99

Spigen Silicon Fit for Apple Airpods Pro Case

AirPods Case Covers that are made of silicone are usually extra protective because they guide against bumps, scuffs, and scratches. Beyond that, silicone is quite lightweight, and this means that you are not carrying an additional load around. As for this case, the ports have been meticulously cut to give way for a seamless wireless charging and an effective closing of the lid. If you want a protective case that will give you a comfortable grip, go for this. The silicone makeup allows for this and other protective features, such as resistance to scratches and shock. For easy movement, Spigen has included a slot for a key ring where you can attach the case to your pants or belt.

  1. ESR Bounce Carrying Case with Cute Animal Keychain– $12.99

ESR Bounce Carrying Case with Cute Animal Keychain

Protective cases can also be attractive, and this ESR carrying case makes a case for this with its adorable animal pal and key ring attached to it. Being made of silicone, your AirPods Pro Charging Case is safe from everyday scuffs, scratches, and shock which are often caused by constant movement. The lid fits accurately and opens seamlessly because the ports have been precisely cut. ESR, in making this case cover, gave room for wireless charging and ensured that the plug is dust resistant, especially when not in use. Carry it around without feeling like you are carrying an additional load.

  1. HATALKIN AirPods Pro Case– $7.88

HATALKIN Airpods Pro Case

Among other things, HATALKIN has proven that carrying your AirPods Pro Charging case around does not have to drain your account. It is affordable, yet quite effective at protecting your earbuds. The color variants allow you to select which style you want without being restricted. If perchance the case cover falls from your hand, you only have to bend and pick it up without the fear of damaging your AirPods. More so, since the material is hydrophobic, you can even wash this cover if it becomes too dusty or falls inside a mud. It is only 1.2mm thick and does not hinder wireless charging even when it is covering the charging case. Monitor the charging progress by checking the Front LED that is visible through the case.

  1. Elago Hang AirPods Pro Case Cover– $12.99

Elago Hang Airpods Pro Case Cover

Install and uninstall this case by Elago with ease. As a silicone made case, you get to enjoy optimum protection for your AirPods Pro against external impacts and scratches. The case cover is dustproof and waterproof. And for a seamless carriage, there is a Carabiner by its side where you can affix it to your pants or traveling bad. There is no hinge, no obstruction to wireless charging, and the cap contains a special coating that resists slipping. Elago places a month warranty on this case within which you can get your full payment back if anything goes wrong. Anything more than a month but not over a year will qualify you for a replacement. It’s such a good gift for the New Year, Christmas, or Thanksgiving.

  1. Spigen Tough Armor Case– $16.99

Spigen Tough Armor Case

For a uniquely rugged AirPods Pro Case Cover, this is a perfectly suitable option. Even if this case falls from a 5-story building, you only have to pick it up again with no risk of ever damaging your AirPods Pro or its charging case. The silicone composition is soft, but it confers a firm grip on the case. There is no issue with compatibility as the case cover is specifically made for Airpods Pro. Observe the status of your charging through the Visible Front LED. Carry this portable case everywhere you go with the Carabiner attached to it.

  1. ESR Air Ripple Clear Carrying Case– $10.99

ESR Air Ripple Clear Carrying Case

Talk about simplicity and finesse and this case cover has got both. With its upgraded hingeless design, this case cover perfectly fits your AirPods Pro Charging Case and supports wireless charging. One of its principal material makeup is silicone, and this enables it to resist shock, dust, bumps, and other external impacts that may cause quick damages to it. Its prebuilt keychain plus Carabiner makes carriage easy, and you won’t even feel the extra weight while carrying it around.

  1. SLEO AirPods Pro Shockproof Case– $8.99

SLEO Airpods Pro Shockproof Case

To ensure that your AirPods Pro Charging Case is completely protected from external impacts such as drops, bumps, scratches, etc. which can damage your AirPods Pro in no distant time. It combines soft TPU Material with PU leather to give the case everything it needs to protect your earbuds. Although you may want to say that its appearance is rugged, the fact is that this SLEO case is lightweight. You can even carry it around with the keychain at its side. Good enough, its 5 variant colors enables you to choose which of it best suits your style. As per charging, you can do so even when the charging case is inside this cover. It doesn’t hamper wireless charging.

  1. ASKCUT AirPods Pro Silicone Case– $4.39

ASKCUT Airpods Pro Silicone Case

This is a case cover that offers protection for your earbuds at the most minimal price. So, if you are on a less than $5 budget for a protective cover, this would be a perfect option. It is made of silicone material that has a soft texture. With this material and texture, you can firmly grab it with your hand. There is a detachable Carabiner by its side too for you to carry it around easily.

  1. ESR Bounce Silicone Carrying Case with Fur Pom-Pom Keychain– $12.99

ESR Bounce Silicone Carrying Case with Fur Pom-Pom Keychain

The nice pom-pom faux of this case is one of its distinguishing features. The different Pastel Colors of it also expands your choice and allows you to select the one that will even match your outfit. The charging plug is dustproof and thus is always neat even you are not using it. Get to monitor how your AirPods is charging by looking at the Visible Front LED.

Our Verdict

Each of these AirPods Pro Cover cases has its merits and downside. But in all, all of them do the work of protecting your AirPods case to a large extent. Of course, their prices vary, and that is due to differences in their aesthetics or material makeup. Generally, ESR case covers are cheap and attested well by many users. But for the most rugged protection, you may want to go for Spigen Tough Armor Case. Ditch the aesthetics and sign up for the ruggedness. In all, let your gut and your budget guide you in your selection.

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