Top 5 Best 5G Phones Worth Looking Forward to in 2020

Although 5G phones have started infiltrating the market even now in 2019, 2020 is the year that most analysts and experts project that it will take the airwaves in full force. When the Fifth Generation network eventually becomes widespread, data transfer will improve (significantly) than what the current 4G network guarantees. Companies and homes that rely on the internet to carry out certain tasks will experience a remarkable boost in the efficiency of their business, owing to the elimination of latency and speedy data transfer.

While many of the information available about 5G phones as of now are speculations, there are some very green lights from phone manufacturers that 2020 will herald major upgrades to their existing models. If you are waiting to get a new phone that will have 5G connectivity, the information here will be of great help. Here are some wonderful 5G phones to expect from phone manufacturers come 2020.

1. iPhone 12

The last in the series of iPhones released by Apple is iPhone 11. And although it’s barely 3 months that Apple rolled out this premium mobile phone, the feeling in the air about a flagship device from Apple that will have 5G connectivity is high. Xiaomi and Huawei have already released 5G phones in 2019, and they even plan to release more next year. So, it is not out of place to expect that come Fall 2020, Apple’s 5G phone will be out.

Following Apple’s nomenclature style for its mobile device, we can expect that the new flagship will be called iPhone 12. Of course, we can expect iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max respectively, as higher grades of this model. According to Ming-Chi Kuo who has an impressive record at predicting Apple’s upcoming devices, iPhone 12 will likely have a  screen size of 6.1, 6.7, or 5.4 inches. Even if Apple adopts the 5.4 inches display size, this will come as excitement for iPhone users of 4 inches display size.

5G iPhone 12

With iPhone 12, Kuo predicts that the era of LCD phones by Apple may be over. He says that OLED, which is several steps ahead of LCD screens in terms of display quality, will be utilized by Apple in the new flagship. One other information available is that Apple will be developing its own processor to power this flagship, as the company plans to stop contracting Intel and Snapdragon for its processors. The camera is another amazing feature to look out for, as Kuo gave the hint that it may come empowered with Depth-sensing, Time-of-Flight sensor to accurately estimate distance and capture 3D images.

With all these features, the question you may want to ask is: “How much is the iPhone going to cost?” Of course, no one knows yet. However, several predictions put it at $1500 at the minimum. The 5G capacity is expected to attract at least a $300 price hike to the iPhone 11 Pro which sells at $999.99. Similarly, given Apple’s history of releasing its flagships in Falls, we expect iPhone 12 to make it to the market in September 2020.

2. Nokia 8.2

In the league of 5G smartphone producers in 2020 is Nokia. Although the specs flying around have not been officially affirmed, Nokia’s CEO, Florian Seiche, has confirmed that come 2020, Nokia will release a 5G phone that will be very affordable compared to what is already in the market. The HMD Global boss dropped this hint at the 2019 IFA Press Conference held by Nokia. The processor for this flagship is rumored to be Qualcomm Snapdragon 735, which is still underway. So, the debut appearance of this Nokia flagship may be in the first half of next year.

Nokia 8.2 will have at least three variants which are expected to be 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB respectively. Of course, the higher the storage capacity, the higher the price. As for the RAM, Nokia 8.2 will be garnished with 8G, assuming the news around turns out to be true. The camera is also going to be loaded with its projected 64MP. And if Nokia 8.2 will be cheaper than OnePlus 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 which are both 5G smartphones, it means the price will be below $840, which is the price of OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, the least expensive 5G phone currently in the market.

3. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

In about a few months from now, leakers have hinged on Samsung releasing a new flagship to be christened Galaxy S20. This flagship will be coming in different variations, of which S20 plus is one. Insiders have said that the S20 plus will add 5G connectivity to its numerous impeccable pecks to watch out for. For a better graphics experience with improved overall performance, Samsung is set to power this new flagship with Exynos 990 Processor (7nm). And whereas the predecessor (S10) only has a 16MP camera, the Galaxy S20 will be studded with a 108MP sensor, if the reports available are anything to believe. This is going to be the greatest ever in the history of Samsung’s smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Users can choose to keep the refresh rate which has been pegged at 120Hz or tweak it to 60Hz. This Samsung 5G phone will likely come with a 6.9 or 6.4 inches display size with a screen center that has a punch hole. Still, on the display, the rumored S20 will have a super AMOLED display that has curved edges. Samsung will be making this flagship to support 25W fast charging, which is a feature that users of its predecessors greatly appreciate.

Following the tradition of Samsung to release new mobiles not earlier than a year to its previous one, we can expect the new 5G smartphone from this company sometime around February 2020. Many tipsters have pegged February 11 as the time to be expecting S20, but others believe that the phone can make it to the market prior to the 2020 MWC. Giving the new 5G connectivity and improved camera, the price of the new flagship may stagger around $1,200.

4. Xiaomi Mi 10

Xiaomi is one Chinese phone-producing company that ensures that customers have value for their money. Their smartphones are usually affordable, and this does not mean that their specs are way subpar to their contemporaries. Already, Xiaomi has hinted on its plan to release not less than 10 affordable 5G mobile devices in 2020. However, one model that will be worth the wait is the anticipated Mi 10. This will most likely debut the market in February 2020 at the MWC or even earlier. It’s incredible that in sharp contrast to the 3,300mAh battery capacity of its predecessor, Xiaomi Mi 10 will be coming powerfully with a whopping 5000mAh cell, which will have the capacity of 40W fast-charging, according to predictions and reports.

Xiaomi Mi 10

It will be excellent if the rumor that Mi 10 will be waterproof is true. No official statement yet as to whether it will be waterproof or just splash-proof, but it will be a great improvement to have a Xiaomi 5G phone that is hydrophobic. With the latest release of Snapdragon 865 that supports 5G network, expecting a Xiaomi flagship in 2020 that will run on this processor is certainly not too much. And while the supplier of the display is yet to be ascertained, it is looking like the Xiaomi 5G phone will possess the 6.2i AMOLED display, which is about the latest available.

As per the screen resolution, it is still expected that the existing Full HD+ will be maintained in the new flagship. There will be two variants, which are 8GB/12GB RAM with 256GB / 512GB memory respectively. Since Xiaomi is not known to alter its price sharply, the 5G Mi 10 that is expected next year may retain its predecessor’s price or even sell for less. In that case, the phone will not be more than $600 at most.

5. OnePlus 8 and 8T

OnePlus has been having a dramatic fan base growth, especially in countries such as China and India. The reason is probably because of their affordability and mid-range specs. Following the successes that OnePlus 7 recorded in 2019, there are strong indications that the 2020 smartphone from this manufacturer will come with more features, especially 5G connectivity. The company CEO hinted this himself. Granted, not very many things are known about the projected OnePlus 8 and 8T, but several leaks put its release time to summer 2020.

OnePlus 7T

One live render that was leaked by CashKaro suggests that the screen size could be as huge as 6.7 inches, while it is likely to also possess dua camera, of which one will be dedicated to taking selfies from a wide-angle. The screen is likely to be curved in at the edges and this will definitely be stunning to behold. As for the thickness, we can expect OnePlus to reach 8.1mm in this aspect, just like it might add a few weight due to its metallic frame.

Generally, the specs of this new 5G flagship from OnePlus is not expected to fall below those of its predecessor. So, it is sensible to say that the battery capacity will not fall below 3700mAh, while its display will be AMOLED. We expect to get at least two variants which may be 128GB and 256GB. Following OnePlus 7 price which was around $420, we can project a price range not exceeding $700 for this new OnePlus.

Final Wrap

5G is definitely a network connectivity option that is worth the wait. Although the network is not yet widespread as of now, we expect that before the expiration of 2020, most cities in America, Asia, and Europe would have been enabled for 5G.

Most of the phones reviewed in this piece are going to be a major improvement from their respective manufacturers, and it is expected that even the averagely priced ones will add a few bucks due to the expensive nature of 5G technology. However, given the numerous benefits of this technology, every penny promises to be worth it. So, let’s keep our legs crossed, as we usher in 2020 in about a few weeks from now, and see these projections turn into reality.

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